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Tanasha Donna Biography – Age, Net worth, Career and Education

tanasha donna net worth, age, education
Tanasha Donna. Image: Courtesy

Her full name is Tanasha Donna Barbier Oketch. Tanasha was born in the year 1995 on 7th July. She is aged 25 years as of the year 2021. She is a Kenyan Luo by Tribe, though a half cast. After she turned 11 years of age, her parents moved with her to Italy and she came back to Kenya at the age of 20.

Tanasha Donna Age

She was born in the year 1995 the month of July date seven. She is 25 years of age as of July 2021.

Tanasha Donna Education

Tanasha sat her high school examinations and made it to a boldly reputable college in Belgium where she acquired her first Degree in Tourism Management.

She not only has fluency in English but also in foreign languages such as Swahili, French, Dutch and Spanish

Tanasha Donna Career

Tanasha is a Kenyan entrepreneur who has taken roots in modelling and fashion industry. Her proficiency in English and other foreign languages made her secure a job at NRG radio.

She has been working here since early 2018. Donna is also a video vixen due to her alluring beauty. Earlier 2020, Tanasha and her husband Diamond Patinumz released a hit song titled ‘Gere’ which became a trend on the web for a long time. The song saw more than 1 million YouTube views in less than 72 hours.

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Earlier on, Tanasha has featured in several East African music videos such as one of Ali Kiba’s hits. She also got chances to contest in beauty pageants; she contested for the Miss Africa Belgium title but luck was not on her side.

Tanasha Donna Husband

Her current husband is a popular musician Nasibu Abdul Juma, commonly known as Diamond Platinumz. They brought forth a baby boy recently though more about the prince is under wraps.

Tanasha Donna age, net worth
Tanasha Donna and her Husband, Diamond Platinumz

Before engaging to Diamond, Donna had dated Kenyan film star Nick Mutuma but they parted ways back in 2017. It had also been rumored that Tanasha had an affair Alikiba the Bongo star.

Tanasha Donna and Diamond Platinuz Break-up. What Caused their Break Up?

A couple of weeks ago just after their hit song ‘Gere’,  Tanasha posted something on her social media wall that has left many tongues wagging. In fact, the two are no longer friends on social media platforms; they have already unfollowed each other. This suggests that Tanasha’s relationship with Diamond is currently on a hot bed despite the two having a toddler together.

The clarity about their break up has not yet been established. This is because the two have not yet opened up deeply about the matter. Fans however feel that it could be a stage-managed stunt. Other fans however aren’t in shock because they are used to such news whenever Diamond Platinuz gets a new lover.

According to some sources, the major cause of their break up is cheating allegations. During Tansha’s EP Launch that took place in Kenya, Diamond did not attend the ceremony fully. He landed at the venue and shortly gave a flimsy excuse to exit the venue and go back to Dar es Salaam to attend to some urgent errands of which Tanasha seemed to be not fully convinced about.

This left Tanasha with a negative feeling that has been boiling slowly by slowly. The two have barely stayed for three years in the relationship since their engagement.

Tanasha Donna Net worth

Having  been engaged to Diamond Platinumz, Tanasha’s net worth is estimated to be approximately over US $1.2 Million as of the year 2020. As a business  lady, Tanasha has heavily invested in Beauty Industry which is her most favorite area.

She owns a multi-million company known as ‘For Her Luxury Hair’ which deals in selling hair products. She has also won several brand endorsements both in Kenya and Tanzania. Moreover, she comes from a financially buoyant family which supports her business ventures.

Real Name Tanasha Donna Barbier Oketch
Nationality Kenyan
Place of Birth Nyanza, Kenya
Age 25 Years old
Boyfriend Nasibu Abdul Juma
Profession Song Writer/Musician, Radio Presenter
Net Worth $1.2 Million (Approx)


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