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Best and Free Blogging Platforms in Kenya

Best Blogging Platforms

The best blogging platforms in Kenya are characterized by the capacity to host one’s content securely, boost their Search Engine Optimization by incorporating the relevant tools, allows for customization, ease of use, and opportunities to earn an income. This article looks into the best blogging platforms for bloggers to set up space to share their unique content. If you are serious about starting a blog, you should also take a look at this site that provides reviews on these best for blogs platforms. 

1. WordPress

WordPress is the world’s most popular and used CMS (Content Management System) that allows all online users to create and run customized blogs and websites. Users have options to select from depending on their needs. You can start with the free plan which hosts your blog/website, gives free community support, great templates, and 3GB worth of storage.

For personalized domains, you can choose from the personal, premium, business, and eCommerce plans costing monthly fees of $4, $8, $15, and $45 respectively. You can access SEO tools, the ability to upload or embed media, and so much more.

2. Wix

Wix is a great platform for one to set up a website or blog. Professionals and personal content creators can use a variety of plans provided by the platform to securely host their content and promote their ranking on Search. The free plan offers a Wix domain, 1GB bandwidth, SEO boosting applications, and professional templates to display one’s content. Users can also access multiple apps integrated into the platform.

3. Network Solutions

Network Solutions (NetSol) is a platform that allows users to develop or get expert support to build their own sites. NetSol allows users to use their own code, free website and hosting package, use great templates, full-time support, and eCommerce plans available. With the platform, one can blog about several topics, and do business with advertisements and marketing options available.

4. Squarespace

Another top blogging platform is Squarespace which offers users a 14-day free trial to explore the features presented including customizable layouts, award-winning design, high-quality customizable templates, and customizable layouts giving users freedom to build exceptional websites and blogs. 

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5. Site123

Site123 is a platform that allows users to create and have their websites and blogs hosted securely. Bloggers enjoy the ease of blog-management built-in Search Engine Optimization Tools and PayPal integration among other features that give an exceptional blogging experience. With PayPal integration, bloggers in eCommerce and those who sell products on their sites/blogs enjoy easy and secured checkouts.

6. Blogger

Blogger is a CMS platform owned by Google that allows users to own up to 100 blogs or websites for each account created with the Blogger platform. It is additionally integrated with Amazon, Microsoft Word, and Open Live Writer allowing users to generate more income from the platform. 

7. Tumblr

Tumblr is a platform owned by Yahoo and is characterized as a micro-blog. This is because the content hosted therein is often brief, and not as in-depth as compared to conventional blogs. Posts are often updated frequently and are short. Tumblr is ideal for writers or bloggers who enjoy the art but lack the time to go further into creating lengthy posts. 

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