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The Most Profitable Horticultural Crops in Kenya, High Profit Crops

most profitable horticultural crops in Kenya

The most profitable horticultural crops in Kenya range from fruits, flowers, seeds, and nuts to more diverse crops. Horticulture in Kenya has become an entrepreneurial path for most Kenyans who seek an extra income source or change careers/professions altogether. This article highlights the most profitable horticultural crops to farm and produce in Kenya.  


Garlic is a high-profit crop for those considering a path in horticultural farming. Farmers can reap handsome benefits especially during the peak seasons between May and September where each kilogram costs an average of Ksh 350. They take between 4 months and half a year to mature and get ready for sale. 

2. Mushrooms


Mushrooms are also an excellent choice for horticultural farmers in Kenya. They can be grown in any region as long as the basic conditions required for growth are offered. The market is ripe both locally and externally as some brands from outside the country are beginning to flock the market. Kenyans can grow their own and make a profitable business out of it as a 50kg bag can go for approximately Ksh 2,000.

3. Macadamia Nuts


Macadamia nuts are a select crop to grow in Kenya as they take quite some time to mature although the efforts are rewarding. A kilogram can be exported at approximately Ksh 1,400 or locally sold to retailers such as supermarkets and other manufacturers/processors.

4. Raisins


Raisins are not only a favorite fruit for many people around the world for their benefits, but also reward farmers who grow them. They are used in various industries such as in pastries, dried fruit manufacturers and more thus assuring farmers of a sustainable market. 

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5. Onions


Onions can also be grown by horticultural farmers in Kenya for local use and export purposes. They take an average of 150 days to grow and when done on a large scale, farmers can expect a rewarding figure worth the initial investment. 

6. Avocadoes


Avocadoes are another excellent crop to grow as the demand is almost always high. Avocados are loved for their nutritional value. Investing in the crop can be highly rewarding especially when undertaken on a large scale and focusing on the high quality grafted avocados that take a shorter time to grow and mature(3-4 years unlike 8-10 years for non-grafted)

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