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A list of Top 10 Best Dating Sites in South Africa 2020

A list of Top 10 Best Dating Sites in South Africa 2020

We should agree on one thing here; no one has time to go the traditional way of going to Church or to school to bump into someone they like. We are too busy going about our lives that we have no time set aside for looking for a significant other. However, in South Africa, this has been made so much easier, thanks to dating sites. Below is a list of top 10 best dating sites in South Africa:

1. Tinder (www.tinder.com )

Tinder is the most downloaded app and most visited website in South Africa. It is so easy to navigate the site since after creating your profile, you either swipe right on someone you are interested in or left on someone you are not.

2. South African Cupid (www.southafricancupid.com)

This is a sister company to Afrointroductions.com. The good thing about this company is that it is not only tied to South Africans but it also allows non- South Africans who would wish to meet up and date South Africans to do so.

3. Singles 50 (www.singles50.co.za )

This site is specifically dedicated for singles over the age of 40. Normally, it is quite hectic for people over the age of 40 to navigate the internet and get true love. This app has made it so much easier for them.

4. Bumble (www.bumble.com)

Bumble is a free dating site in Africa that is commonly referred to as ‘the Feminist Tinder.’ This is because after making a match, it is the lady who goes ahead and makes the first move by messaging the man. This site was developed to empower the women.

5. Afrointroductions (www.afrointoductions.com )

Founded in 2002, Afrointroductions has grown to be one of the best dating sites in South Africa. It is currently used in most countries in Africa as well as in the United States as well as the UK. After signing up by filling up your personal details, you can go ahead and be specific by stating your height, whether you smoke or not and other things.

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6. Interracial Match (www.interracialmatch.com )

As the name suggests, this site provides a platform for people from different races to meet up, date and eventually end up as soulmates. This app has helped demystify the notion that interracial dating is weird. True love is blind to colour.

7. Matchmaker (www.matchmaker.com )

This is one of the best dating sites in South Africa that centers on connecting South Africans all over the country. There is a free membership as well as the paid membership version. Those who go for paid membership have an upper hand since you are able to contact people as well as view their private photos.

8. Datingbuzz (www.datingbuzz.com)

This is one of the oldest dating sites in South Africa. It has both the free version and the paid version. The selling point of this site is its attractive visual outlook as well as its ‘tell a friend’ option.

9. OkCupid (www.okcupid.com)

This site is widely known for its high compatibility capability. This makes it a reliable dating site since it is so easy for people to meet their potentials.

10. Badoo South Africa (www.badoo.com)

This is one of the easiest dating sites to navigate. The signing up process is so simple since all you need to input is your name, gender, age and password. This then gives you a leeway to finding gorgeous women as well as handsome men that you can mingle with.

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