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Top 10 Best Free Job Websites in Uganda 2022

Top 10 Best Free Job Websites in Uganda 2020/2021

Job hunting can be one of the most depressing activities that one can go through in their adult life. Gone are the days when one would have to wake up, dress in presentable outfits, go to the nearest cyber café to print a questionable number of CVs and cover letters then move from office to office, dropping the CVs, repeating the same till a company miraculously reaches out. These days, hunting for a job has become so much easier since you can apply for a job comfortably from anywhere in the world. Below are top 10 best job websites in Uganda in 2020:

1. Brighter Monday

Brighter Monday is one of the bet job websites not only in Uganda but in other East African countries such as Kenya. Navigating the website is so simple. You may decide to apply for a job off the site or sign up so as to receive job vacancies the minutes they are available. You can also access career advice from the site, which is an absolute plus.

2. WhatJobs

WhatJobs covers all the categories in both public and private sectors, from small businesses to global brands we have a huge list of employers to get you hired in any given city of Uganda

3. Linked In

Linked In is such a life saver when it comes to searching for jobs. It is a worldwide social network of professionals that enables you to set up your profile and apply for jobs from anywhere in the world. You also get to be sent job updates in the fields or categories you are interested in via email. The interesting part is that you get to build a social network with professionals.

4. Fuzu

Once you sign up on Fuzu, you get to access job vacancies, career tips as well as training courses. The site also offers helpful services such as updating your CV to a professional one that will give you an upper hand hence help you land a job faster.

5. Jobs.co.ug

If you are looking for daily job vacancy updates, this website will come in handy. Apart from blindly applying for jobs, this site gives you a chance to learn tips on interviews, career advice and how to create a good resume.

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6. Jobmart.ug

This is another amazing job website in Uganda. Jobmart.ug is owned by i3c which is a Ugandan ICT firm located in Kamwokya, Uganda. Feel free to check it out.

7. Everjobs

This is a fairly new jobs website in Uganda that is owned by Rocket Internet. The company mostly focuses on providing a site where companies can advertise jobs in telecommunication, hospitality, banking and insurance among other sectors.

8. Ugandan Jobline

The selling point of this site is that it not only offers high profile jobs but also part-time ones as well. This means that if you look for jobs such as writing and data entry, this site will come in handy.

9. NFT Consult

NFT Consult is an East-African based website that focuses on advertising jobs in specialized fields such as manpower services. This site is ideal for people willing to work in countries such as Burundi, Uganda, Rwanda and Tanzania.

10. Job Openings

This site gives you a chance to apply for jobs anywhere in Uganda. With this, you could apply for a job at the comfort of your home then next thing is you being called in for an interview.

11. Glassdoor

Glassdoor is one secure site for you to get a job in Uganda. Be certain to find legitimate jobs on this site. The company is also available in other African countries such as Kenya.

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