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Wambosha Maxine Biography – Boyfriend, Education, Age, Net Worth

Wambosha maxine biography, age, boyfriend, net worth

Wambosha Maxine is a Kenyan female youth who is doing well when it comes to creativity. Since 2017, Maxine has rose up in creativity and proved that everything is so possible.

Maxine specializes in content creation on social media platforms. What brought  her to limelight is her YouTube channel which has passed 140,000 subscriber count as of the year 2020.

On her channel, she does videos about traveling, proper styles of dressing and also delivers tips on the efficient way to wear a make-up for ladies.

Her YouTube channel is counted among the creative channels which are doing well in terms of growth in Kenya. Currently, Wambosha commands a total of over 400,000 Instagram followers on her accounts.

Wabosha Maxine Age

Maxine Wabosha is 24 years old as of the year 2020. She was born on 20th June in the year 1996.

Wambosha Maxine Education

Wambosha schooled at Moi Girls.  Due to some personal reasons, she was transferred to Makini Girls and finally joined the University of Nairobi. She currently pursues a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering.

Wambosha Career Journey

Wambosha’s career has fully been content creation on YouTube. She started the channel as Excellence by Wambosha which she later renamed to her name “Wambosha Maxine”. The brand Excellence by Wambosha is still a common feature on instagram and has a following of over 300,000.

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Her channel grew up so fast in a span of approximately 3 years that because of it, she got opportunities to endorse various beauty and colossal brands.

Maxine Wabosha works with the House of Elzuri as a behind the stage architect for a model which is a body of well-being and excellence organization. House of Elzuri was launched back in 2014 by an eighteen-year Old YouTube personality by the name Elsie Oluoch.

The body has expertise in cosmetics and body workmanship. Elzuri helps youthful beauticians and bloggers to build up their brand and clarify their customer base.

Wambosha Maxine Instagram

On all of her social media handles, Wambosha is known as ‘Wambosha Maxine’

Wambosha Maxine Net Worth

Despite the fact that she is still a student, Maxine Wambosha is so aggressive, she currently has an estimated net worth of over Kshs. 1 Million. All these incomes come due to deal endorsements she has secured with major brands and revenues she accrue from her YouTube channel.

Wabosha Family and Boyfriend

Maxine tries so hard to keep her family background a secret. The details about her family are therefore not currently in the public domain.


She has a boyfriend whom she once posted on one of her Instagram accounts but the details about his details are still under wraps.

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