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Top 10 Most Marketable TSC Subject Combinations 2023

A list of Top 10 Most Marketable TSC Subject Combinations 2020/2021
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Among many bunches of courses in Kenyan universities and colleges, Bachelor of Education courses are thought to be the marketable courses because of little or no hustles after graduation. Some graduates are employed by the Teachers’ Service Commission, (TSC) immediately after college. Some end up landing as teachers in competitive private schools such as Aga Khan Academy, Sunshine Secondary School, Brook House Academy, International School of Kenya among many others.

Securing jobs in such institutions does not depend on the university or college you went to, but highly depends on the marketability of your subject combination and availability of chances; the lucky ones can make it too with highly competitive subject combinations of course.

All you need to remember is that even though teaching is a marketable profession, not all subject combinations are hotcakes; knowledge and career advice is therefore necessary when selection of subject combinations to venture in as far as teaching career is concerned. The marketable subject combinations are available both in Bachelor of Education Arts or Sciences.

Also note that to select a subject for pursuance as your area, you must have obtained at least a C+ (C plus) in your high school performance in that subject – a rule that was passed by the Teachers’ Service Commission.

Before the enactment of this rule by TSC, a student could go to college, pursue an Education Course majoring in a subject that he/she scored a D grade or even a worse grade. Majoring in subjects that teachers did not choose in their high school education was also possible. Note that the subjects that we are going to talk about below are the current and latest marketable combinations in the market. This can probably be the case up to the year 2024.

Subject combinations become hotcakes or most marketable when there is a deficiency or total shortage of teachers in that area of specialization nationwide. Some Bachelor of education arts specializations such as History and C.R.E for example was once among the most marketable TSC Subject Combinations back in the year 2014, and thus saw many teachers getting employment by TSC.

Inadequate teachers in the area compelled many students to go to colleges and universities to specialize in that area. This explains why History and C.R.E is too flooded currently (not even securing jobs for 2014 to the current year graduates). The same case happened to Business Studies and Mathematics combination.

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Business Studies and Mathematics combination was a hotcake because many teachers opted to go for banking jobs and left voids in teaching. Many students consequently joined Business and Mathematics classes and obviously flooded it too. Currently, the Teachers’ Service Commission is employing the graduates of the year 2016 in that area of specialization, leaving the recent graduates with no jobs. Here are the top 10 most marketable TSC subject combinations to consider selecting for quickest employment:

  • Agriculture and Biology
  • Biology and Chemistry
  • Chemistry and Mathematics
  • Computer Studies with Any Subject
  • Geography and History
  • Geography and Business Studies
  • Home Science with any Subject
  • Mathematics and Computer Studies
  • Mathematics and Physics
  • Physics and Chemistry

Having known about the available hotcakes in teaching career, students are therefore advised to work hard in their subjects of choice and also the overall grade to ensure that they are not locked out by the TSC teachers’ selection criteria. We want to wish you good luck in your teaching career.

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