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How to Replace lost TSC Certificate/Change Names on Certificates 2023

How to Replace a lost TSC Certificate and Change Names on Certificate

Replacing lost TSC certificates is nowadays simplified. Just do it by  following the below steps in this article. Teachers’ Service Commission, TSC issues a certificate that contain your full real names, date registered for the service and unique TSC Number.

The document is binding and shows that the teacher is a bonafide member of the commission and hence allowed to offer teaching services in any part of the country.

TSC Certificate is very important because it is one of the requirements that act as evidence during interviews that you indeed have a TSC number. The document also required during promotions to other higher job groups. Just like any other document, the certificate can get lost or even be misplaced. This necessitates having another one.

At times the names on the certificate can be different and you would like them to be changed and tally with the ones on your identity documents such government issued national identity card.

Marriage could be one of the most common push factors that may make someone change the names on the certificate so as to adopt their husband’s maiden name.

All those factors could make you think of having the names on the certificate corrected or just to replace a completely lost one. In this piece, you should have no worry because you just landed on the right procedure at the right time.

You will be guided on the hacks to get a new certificate or any alteration you would wish to make on your certificate.

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Teachers Service Commission provides for a certificate replacement if the following factors prevail:

  • If your TSC certificate is misplaced.
  • If your certificate is lost.
  • In case your certificate is Damaged.
  • When your certificate is completely Destroyed.
  • Where someone would wish to change their names on the current certificate.

Requirements for Replacing Lost TSC Certificates

  • Payment of Kshs. 2055 (non-refundable) for duplicate certificates
  • Bank Slip issued by Bank upon payment of replacement fee
  • Photocopy of Government-issued Identity Card/Passport
  • Affidavit or marriage certificate (for name changes)

Note that: Only scanned copies of original documents are required and must be submitted online using the link provided in this article. Payment should be made to the TSC Registration Account: National Bank of Kenya Direct Banking to A/C No. 01001005707400.

Steps to replace lost TSC Certificates

  • Get your payment Bank slip and any other applicable documents ready as scanned copies in PDF form
  • Proceed to TSC website using their Official link
  • You will be redirected to a page to begin the process
  • Key in your Government-issued ID/Passport Number and sir name as prompted.
  • Click on NEXT to complete other fields displayed on the page
  • Proceed by clicking NEXT and upload your bank slip together with other applicable supportive documents and wait for further communication

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