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Narin Amara Biography, Age, Education, Career, Boyfriend, Net Worth

Narin Amara – a popular and famous online content creator has definitely made her mark on the internet scene. She is the founder of Narin’s beauty. Having gathered such immense internet attention and subsequent financial Success, Miss Amara is the subject of this article as we look at his biography.

Narin Amara Age and Place of Birth

Miss Narin Amara is a 20-year-old YouTuber based in Sweden from where she does her work as a full time online creative personality. She was born in Syria before they migrated into Sweden when she was very young. She celebrated her 20th birthday recently on the 15th of April with friends and family.

She has four siblings, two brothers – Shera and Jalal and two sisters – Cedra and Sherwin both of whom are well known and established YouTubers as well. Seems to be a family thing huh?

Narin Amara Education Background

Miss Narin’s educational background has not been revealed as at the time of publishing this article. Having grown up in Syria, she can be speculated to have attended school in the same country.

Narin Amara Career Journey

YouTube holding such promise to content creators seemed to hold a promise to the young star who decided to use the platform as a means to connect with many people and at the same time make a decent earning. She dug at the niche that presented herself and indeed her efforts have reaped her bountiful profits.

Miss Narin addresses her fans and subscribers in Arabic and English which broadens her scope of reach. Arabic is a unique language on the internet in terms of the number of people that speak and actually understand it. She does very simple videos on make-up, DIYs and fashion. Make up has grown to be a big business online with so many ladies across the continent looking to enhance their looks and express themselves creatively using this form of art.

A perfect opportunity for a lady who’s into the same as well, Narin shoots regular videos addressing the various products she uses and how to apply certain tips and tricks.

Her channel has grown to host in excess of 3.5 million subscribers and her presence on other spaces such as Instagram has also been received by a huge number of fans and followers.

Narin Amara Boyfriend

Narin occasionally flies all the way from Sweden to United Arab Emirates to meet and spend some days with the famous YouTube star Mo Vlogs (born Mohamed Beiraghdary). She has been doing this since the year 2017. Rumors have it that the two are a thing though they have not officially confirmed that they are dating. Narin occasionally spends holidays together with Mohamed’s family.

Mo Vlogs and Narin Amara

Narin Amara Net worth and Assets

The owner of Narin’s Beauty launched in 2014 has been able to make some wealth from these ventures. Miss Narin Amara’s net worth has been estimated to be around half a million dollars as at the publication date of this article. She is said to live in a posh house she personally bought with her family. She also owns some flashy cars which she poses for photos with for her Instagram page.

Narin Amara Contacts

Instagram – @ narin___amara

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