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Amina Chao Biography, Net Worth, Personal Life, Career Journey

Amina Chao Biography, Net Worth, Personal Life, Career Journey

The Kenyan celebrity scene is filled with many people who want to make it and the methods used to stay famous can be crude. However, the same cannot be said of one Jalang’o who has maintained his poise as the comedian and radio presenter who has immensely grown with his fans from the moment he hit the limelight.

Even more can be said about his wife, Amina Chao, who is a beau and his esteemed wife. Although not much is not known about her as she loves to maintain a low profile. Nevertheless, she is a charming as can be and in this article, we will explore her life and work.

Age and Place of Birth

Amina Chao was born in the coastal region of Kenya to Taita parents. Her date of birth and age is not exactly known but she is in her mid-thirties.

Early Life, Education, and Career

While her husband is from the lakeside area of Kenya, Amina Chao was born and raised in the coastal area of Kenya. It goes without saying that she grew up in a Muslim household and so her values were pretty different. Amina’s parents however made sure that she grew up in a great environment where she got a decent education. This was a great responsibility and initiative from her parents because it is well known that education in the coastal area is quite an issue.

Most girls either begin school and end u dropping out because of early pregnancies. Amina was set apart and equally dedicated to leaving a mark in the world and so she worked pretty hard in primary school. Her stellar laser-sharp focus landed her a place in the prestigious private university of The United States International University – Kenya. There she pursued a bachelor’s degree in International Relations and affairs and graduated with honors.

She then proceeded to enter the job market and she was successful in her ventures as she landed a job in the esteemed Safaricom PLC. Amina enjoys a great career and a great balance between that and her personal life. 

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Personal Life, Huaband and Children

Amina is married to renowned comedian and radio presenter, Félix Odiwuor, who is popularly known as Jalango. Together, they have a beautiful son. There’s not much known about her personal life aside from that she had a lush wedding and she is happily married. Amina also keeps a low profile on social media.

jalang'o and amina chao

Net Worth and Assets

Her net worth is thought to be approximately Kshs 80 Million. However, from the work she does and her marriage, she is quite wealthy.

Real Name Amina Chao
Age Early 30’s
Date of Birth Unknown
Tribe Taita
Nationality Kenyan
Education Level Bachelor’s Degree
Place of Birth Coastal Region
Fiancé/ Wife Felix Odiwuor Kodhe (Jalang’o)
Children 3 children
Net worth Kshs. 80 million
Profession Sales Marketer

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