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Citizen TV To Want it All – Quererlo Todo Episodes, Cast Real Names

Citizen TV Quererlo Todo Episodes, Cast, Characters and Real Names

Quererlo Todo – To Want it All, is a drama series aired on Citizen TV and has been quite popular among Kenyan viewers. The series now has 122 episodes since its launch in 2020. Quererlo Todo has been airing for one year and continues to attract viewers across the world. 

It’s original story is by Enrique Estevanez who worked with a team of creators and writers including Antonio Abascal, Carlos Daniel González, Sol Rubí Santillana, Dante Hernández, Itzel Hernandez, and Elizabeth Salazar. They worked together to create the one hundred and twenty-two episodes that make up the series thus far.

Moreover, the series is directed by two directors who have been on the show for two years – since its inception. The directors are Schiffner Sandra and Claudia Eliza Aguilar.

Citizen TV Quererlo Todo Plot and Episodes Summary

Quererlo Todo features the death of a wealthy man named Patricio Montes. Upon his death, the heirs get into a heated battle over the inheritance. The deceased has a son named Leonel who is dating a lady named Valeria. Valeria assists Leonel in organizing his affairs before she meets Mateo, the late Patricio Montes’ inheritance executor. Once she meets him, their lives change forever.

Citizen TV Quererlo Todo Ratings and Reviews

The series has received a 4.5/5 rating by Google users who found the series worth their while. On IMDb, the series was rated at 6.9/10. Generally, the series has received much acclaim and positive feedback from audiences across the world. 

Citizen TV Quererlo Todo Cast

The series featured several talented actors and actresses in bringing it to fruition. Some such as the main characters have been present throughout the series while some made fewer appearances. The following is a list of character-acting names alongside their real names for those that featured in the series for more than one hundred episodes. 

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Real Name Character Name
Michelle Renaud Valeria Fernández
Danilo Carrera Mateo Santos
Víctor González Leonel Montes
Scarlet Gruber Sandy Cabrera
Olivia Bucio Dalia Santos
Eugenia Cauduro Esmeralda Santos
Sara Corrales Sabina Curiel
Alejandro Tommasi Aarón Estrada
Roberto Blandón Tirso Quintero
Mimi Morales Magda Bustamante
Juan Ángel Esparza Padre Gabriel
Claudia Troyo Luisa Zermeño
Lalo Palacios Lorenzo
Sachi Tamashiro Berenice Cabrera
Jorge Gallegos Basurto
Georgina Pedret Eva Téllez
Fabiola Andere Corina
Ignacio Guadalupe Servando
Karen Leone Camelia
Enrique Montaño Juan Galindo
Marcos Montero Chacho
Jonathan Ochoa Tito
Alexis Ayala Artemio Cabrera
Marcos Moreno Alejandro Moreno
Luz María Jerez Minerva Larraguibel
Zoe Itzayana Angelita Montes
Eduardo Marbán Fercho
Vanessa Mateo Jessica
Nacho Ortiz Jr. Facundo


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