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Anushka Sen Bio – Age, Education, Career, Boyfriend and Net Worth

Anushka Sen Bio – Age, Education, Career, Boyfriend and Net Worth
Anushka Sen. IMAGE: Instagram

Anushka Sen Biography

Anushka Sen is an award-winning Indian TV actress and dancer. She started acting actively at the age of 16. But what about what Anushka makes, her stand out above her peers, and honestly some of her elder contemporaries? Where is she from, how was she raised? How did she become a beloved character in one of the most famous Indian Soap Operas with prime-time viewership? And how does she continue to score bigger and bigger gigs? Let’s find out more information below:

Anushka Sen Birthday and Place of Birth

Anushka Sen is currently 18 years old as of the year 2020. She was born on the 4th August 2002 in the town of Rachi. It is a moderate size town in the Jharkand state of India. She was raised as a Bengali Hindu and though Rachi is her home town, she didn’t live there for most of her life.

Anushka Sen Family

Anushka’s family is an obvious outlier vis-a-vis many Indian families. She is an only child, something that is not common amongst Indians. Her parents are Mr. Anirban Sen and Rajrupa Sen. It is not known what her parents do for a living as she tries to keep their lives away from scrutiny as much as possible.

Anushka Sen Education Background

Anushka was able to attend a prestigious boarding school in Mumbai, The Ryan International School for her basic education up to secondary Level.

Furthermore, she has honed her dancing skills at the reputed Shaimak Davar Dance Academy in New Delhi. The talented youngster is yet to attend college or receive any form of tertiary training but has been quoted during one Q&A session revealing her plans. She is planning to undertake a major in Media Studies.

Anushka Sen Rise to Fame

In 2015, the Indian population knew nothing about “Meher”. They didn’t know about this beautiful captivating character that they were going to love so much. Then in 2016 The Sony Television Channel in India launched the show Baal Veer, and “Meher” became of the affections of her audience. Even to this day, Anushka’s most famous name is “Meher”. A child, a youth, an old lady would bump into her at the mall and call her just that name.

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She has also gained massive social media following, with close to two Million fans on her Instagram alone. She is one of India’s Sweethearts

Anushka Sen Career and Profession

Ever since the show Baal Veer, Anushka Sen has achieved higher heights. Her work, her talent is good enough to get her turning down some offers.

But Anushka’s dalliance with the camera did not begin with the TV show Baal Veer. In 2010, at the tender age of 8. Yes, at that young age, she released a video album that got notable clout. She then kept auditioning for dances and musicals in different theatres building her repertoire slowly but surely and effectively

After Baal Veer, she has starred in other successful prime time Shows such as Mahadev where she plays Devon Ke Dev and Internet Wala Love where she plays Diya Verma.

In 2018, she was a lead actress in the movie Crazy Cukkad Family. That debut went a long way to cement her as a player with the grit and ability to stay in the game. She has literally become the best highest paid teenage actress in Bollywood.

She also started a YouTube channel and as expected, it has massive following translated from her other social media platforms.

Anushka Sen Love Life

Miss Anushka Sen is single and has not been known to commit to anyone. She has repeatedly stated over many interviews that she is too young and focused on her career to even consider dating.

Anushka Sen Hobbies

The 1.53m tall celebrity has many hobbies that she shares with her fans. Her dancing is great, and her singing even greater. But her most outstanding Hobby, one that has the internet talking is her love for pets. When it comes to pets she keeps a lot of them and doesn’t hesitate sharing pictures.

Anushka Sen Net Worth and Brand Endorsements

Imagine an eighteen-year-old whose net worth is more than $1 million. Being the highest paid teenage actress in India and highest paid overall sure has its benefits. Her income streams from her acting and social media royalties.

Many of India’s corporate giants have her as a brand ambassador. These include; Orient Electric, Clean & Clear, Nova and FBB. Also, multinationals such as Vivo, Active Wear and Maybelline have running contracts with her. She is just one rich girl.

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