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Arthur Clutterbuck Biography, Net Worth, Career Journey, Personal Life

Arthur Clutterbuck Biography, Net Worth, Career Journey, Personal Life

Arthur is a 9-year-old child star whose stardom has been propelled by his very famously known parents, Andrew Lincoln, and Gael Anderson who are both prominently known in the film industry. He is the last-born son of his parents following his sister, Matilda Clutterbuck, who is about 4 years older than he is.

Andrew and Gael, Arthur’s parents, are very protective of their children and do their absolute best to make sure that their children are not under scrutiny by the public eye. The desire for the blogs to fish for information fuels curiosity around Arthur and inevitably makes him even more popular. 

Arthur Clutterbuck Age and Place of Birth

Arthur is said to have been born in California, the U.S.A in the year 2010. His exact date and place of birth are unknown because his parents especially his father, Andrew, want to keep him safe from the public eye although in approximation Arthur is or will be turning 11 in 2021.

Arthur Clutterbuck Early Life and Education

Arthur is said to have grown up in the United States of America, his place of birth, and is currently enrolled in elementary school. Owing to his very young age, he has quite a long way to go in terms of life experience and education. Arthur has one sibling, Matilda his sister, who is only a few years older than he is. He seems to be of white descent, but his ethnicity and nationality are not known as his father is a very private person who keeps a low profile. 

Arthur Clutterbuck Career

At the age of 11, Arthur Clutterbuck is still a little too young to have a career in showbiz. This is despite his popularity which has been catalyzed by his parents being in the limelight. Arthur’s parents are striving to ensure that his childhood experience will be as normal as possible. This they do by keeping him safe from the scrutiny of the people.

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When he grows up, he will decide and determine the direction he would like to take regarding venturing into the show business. It has not been disclosed whether his parents are keen on him pursuing the same career line as theirs.

Arthur Clutterbuck Net Worth and Assets

Being a child star at the very young age of 11, Arthur is under the care of his parents. The focus is currently on being fully present in school and his childhood. This is before all the money responsibilities kick in sooner or later. That said, Arthur’s dad has an estimated net worth of about $16 million. The wealth covers for everything he needs until he begins making his own money. 

Real Name Arthur Clutterbuck
Age Unknown
Place of Birth Unknown 
Nationality Unknown
Marital Status N/A (He is a child)


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