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Beatrice Kirui: Nakuru Farmer’s Ksh 30,000 Investment Now Raking in Ksh 650,000 Per Month

Beatrice Kirui PHOTO/Standard

Beatrice Kirui runs a farm in Kiamunyi, Nakuru County where she keeps 3,000 chickens, 30 rabbits, three cows and two goats.

She ventured into farming after quitting a sales manager job at a seeds company in UasinGishu County.

Beatrice found success in farming as he rakes in at least Ksh 650,000 per month although Ksh 160,000 goes to feeds and salaries.

Here is her story as told by EAFeed.

While still under employment, Beatrice had a quarter an acre piece of land in Nakuru.

She decided to set up an investment on her land after receiving Ksh 30,000 from a merry-go-round group that she was part of.

Beatrice used the money to set up a structure and buy some 100 chicks which later multiplied to 3,000, marking a new chapter in her entrepreneurial pursuits.

“My friends, some who also have quarter acres thought that the land was too small for one to engage in any meaningful agribusiness but I have proved that you can do many farming projects as possible on one farm,” she said.

Other than poultry, she later added rabbits which grew to 30 in number, two goats and three cows – two Freshians and an Ayrshire.

A chicken farm PHOTO/Britannica

While the cows produce 50 liters of milk, Beatrice said she went for local breeds instead of hybrids as she had minimal experience.

Additionally, she uses cow dung to generate biogas which is used for cooking and lighting.

Beatrice sells the rabbits depending on their sizes with the smallest going for about Ksh 500.

For the chickens, they are hosted in two coops each holding 1,500 birds, and she collects between 70 to 80 trays of eggs every day.

She sells chicken droppings for Ksh 700 for a 90kg bag.

Beatrice has employed four workers – two who take care of the chickens, another who looks after the cows, rabbits and goats and the other who serves as the general farm manager.

“I know what my chickens and cows produce, thus, I’m able to estimate my earnings. I keep track of everything that happens on the farm through my phone,” she said.

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