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Simon Musyoka: Farmer Making a Fortune from Mango Value Addition after Closing Down Paints Shop, Private School Business

Simon Musyoka
Sun Sweet Fruit Farm Products Limited founder Simon Musyoka PHOTO/The Star

Simon Musyoka is the founder of Sun Sweet Fruit Farm Products Limited, a small mango processing factory in Kitui County.

He established the business in 2019 after closing down his paints shop and a private school business he ran in Nairobi.

The factory processes mangoes to among other by-products, lip balms, mango jams, mango flakes and bathing soap.

Here is Simon’s story as told by EAFeed.

Armed with Ksh 5.2 million capital, Simon retored to Kitui County where he set up Sun Sweet Fruit Farm Products Limited.

He raised the capital after shutting down a paints shop and a private school that he ran in Nairobi.

Initially, Simon only made mango flakes from the fruits that he bought from local farmers but he now also makes lip balms, mango jams and bathing soaps.

While he sells most of his products locally, he also packages and exports mango flakes to the international market.

“Introducing our solar fried mango flakes, we are not only taking advantage of the plentiful sunshine but leveraging on our naturally sweetened mangoes for the best quality of flakes,” he said.

Sun Sweet Fruit Farm Products Limited
An employee at Sun Sweet Fruit Farm Products Limited PHOTO/The Star

According to Simon, while the business is profitable, it also has a fair share of its own challenges which include lack of proper equipment.

He has also had financial challenges forcing him to rely on loans to run operations of the company, however, noting that he is optimistic.

“It is a fact that this factory has enabled me to pay my bills and me to my personal and domestic obligations but we still have a long way to go in order to reach where I want it to be,” he said.

While Simon has created a ready market for mango farmers, he works with 80 farmers across Kitui County who supply his factory with mangoes.

He deals with kent and apple varieties of mangoes.

Simon has a number of clients in Nairobi, and he recently signed a deal with two french companies to export mango flakes to them.

“I know that locals enjoy eating fresh mangoes which are relatively cheaper compared to the mango flakes which are more nutritious and have a longer shelf life,” he explained further.

Simon urged mango farmers to consider value addition.

“Such valued addition to their produce would ensure farmers a steady source if income. Those who grow mangoes on the other hand reduce wastage due to lack of immediate market,” he added.

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