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A List of the Best Car Donation Charities in the World

A List of the Best Car Donation Charities in The World

The business of donating cars to organizations that resell them to donate to charities can be a tricky one. Luckily, there are organizations that specialize in doing this. In a bid to reduce costs and maximize on donations, individuals reach out to these organizations that in turn do all the work and donate the money to charities that need it.

The abundance of such organizations is limited when it comes to third world or developing countries is pretty limited. However, in developed countries like the United states, such organizations are common and very functional. Here, we will review some of these organizations

1. V-DAC

Vehicle donation to any charity (V-DAC) is a nonprofit organization that facilitates the donation of cars. Donated vehicles are then sold at auctions to professional buyers at good costs. The charity located in San Diego, USA, receives 75% of the money and the remainder is reserved for administrative costs incurred during the auctioning processes.

These values or proceeds garnered from selling of the cars differ according to the value of the vary at the time of selling. However, the organization covers all the costs that come with repairing in order to sell the cars at optimal prices.

2. AllState Car Donations

This car donation charity allows people to donate cars to enable others to get back to work. Individuals who have been out of work and need to get back on their feet benefit directly from this charity.

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With a success rate of 73% in the number of individuals that have gotten jobs, you are guaranteed that your donation is worthwhile. Located in California, USA, this organization has been in operation since 2001 and their experience and work is a testimony to how life changing their hard work truly is.

3. Car donation wizard

Most charities usually have trouble reselling their cars as they do not have clear marketing strategies. With car donation wizard, you are assured that those you direct your donations to get full benefits. Car donation wizard is rated A+ meaning that they are efficient in their means of operation.

Located in Middletown, USA, the company works with organizations that fast track the process of taxation and insurance with the IRS. For these reasons and many more, car donation wizard is a reliable car donation company.

4. Charity Motors

Based in Detroit, USA, Charity motors accepts donations of used cars, resells them and gives the profits to charity. The process to get to this point is pretty straightforward and efficient. Individuals who wish to donate cars fill an online form or call the organization with vital information about the cars.

The cars are then towed and sold on an as-is basis. Founded in 1995, the company is expanding as expected to cover more bases and help more organizations with individuals who are suffering from terminal illnesses.

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