Top 10 Richest Churches in the World and their Net Worth 2020/2021

Churches are one of the most famous organizations in the world. This has slowly translated into numbers and numbers into wealth. Below is a list of top ten wealthiest and richest churches in the world in 2020:

1. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter- Day Saints

The church tops among wealthiest and richest churches in the world. This is a non- Trinitarian Christian restorationist church whose headquarters is located in the United States. It is commonly known as the LDS Church or the Mormon Church. It is worth about $70 billion.

2. Catholic Church Vatican

It is also known as the See of Rome or the Holy See. This is the Universal home of all the Catholic churches as well as the Bishop of Rome (Pope). It is worth $33 billion.

3. Catholic Church Germany

This is the Roman Church of Germany. It is part of the worldwide Catholic church in communion with the pope, assisted by the Roman Curia. Its net worth is about $26 billion.

4. Catholic Church Australia

This is part of the Worldwide catholic church. This church is worth about $22.3 billion.


5. Church of England

It is also known as the Anglican Church. Here, the Archbishop of Canterbury is the most senior cleric. This church has its headquarters in the United Kingdom and its net worth is about $ 9 billion.

6. Opus Dei

This church describes itself as ‘a personal prelature of the Catholic church that helps people seek holiness in their work and ordinary activities’. It has its headquarters in Italy. Its net worth is about $3billion.

7. Church of Scientology

It was launched in May 1952 by the American Author L. Ron Hubbard who came up with a program of ideas known as the Dianetics. It has its headquarters in the USA. Its net worth is about $2.5 billion.

8. Episcopalian Church

It was founded in 1975 after being separated from the Church of England after the American Revolution. Its headquarters is in the 815 second avenue, New York, USA. It is worth about $2 billion.

9. Freemasonry

Freemasonry is not really a religion, but to join it, one must believe in some supreme being. Members of the Freemason are known to be very wealthy individuals who own very big organizations worldwide.

They are very powerful to the extent of having their symbol appear on the dollar bill. Claims have it that they are the richest organizations in the world.

10. The Kenneth Copeland Ministry

It is owned by Kenneth Copeland, who is an American Preacher. The church is located in Tarrant county, Texas and it is worth about $1 billion.