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A List of Best Neurosurgeon Specialists in India and Their Contacts

A List of Best Neurosurgeon Specialists in India and Their Contacts
IMAGE: Dr. S Karunakaran. SOURCE: ibtbd.net

Neurosurgeon specialists treat medical conditions relating to the brain, spinal column, the skull and nerves. These are critical parts and organs of the body that determine the body’s general well being. For instance, the brain is the core control organ of the body giving instructions to other parts and controlling body functions. Below are some of the best neurosurgeon specialists in India who offer professional services in rectifying any arising problems.

1. Dr. S Karunakaran

He holds the position of Director at Global Spine Institution given his extensive experience and skilled approach to neurosurgery. He has successfully carried out more than one thousand spinal surgeries and other procedures such as laparotomy, disc replacement and correction of past spinal surgeries that did not yield satisfactory results.

Moreover, he was the first medic to undertake a percutaneous endoscopic lumbar disectomy under local anesthesia for disc relapse. He is extensively skilled and experienced in endoscopic spine surgery and ranks highly as one of the best neurosurgeon specialists in India.

2. Dr. Rajiv Anand

Dr. Rajiv is among the best neurosurgeons in the field and has more than two decades of experience. He is a member of the American Academy of Neurology and the Medical Council of India thus contributes to decision making and policy making regarding the profession. He currently works at BLK Super Specialty Hospital as the lead neurosurgeon specialist in the facility.

3. Dr. Vipul Gupta

Dr. Vipul is a leading neurosurgeon specialist in India whose services are sought after across the world in addressing problems relating to the brain, spine and skull. He is currently placed at Artemis Hospital where his neuro interventional surgery techniques have led to many successful treatments.

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He is furthermore skilled in AVMs, Angioplasty and Tumor Embolization. He has moreover published several neurology publications that have informed procedures and won awards for outstanding work.

4. Dr. Paresh Doshi Jaslok

Dr. Paresh is a highly qualified and skilled neurosurgeon who has amassed a variety of skills in the field enabling him to achieve such high levels of success in patients brought in with such problems. He is skilled in deep brain stimulation, head and brain tumors, pediatric neurosurgery, disorders in movement and Parkinson’s disease. He is a choice selection when in search of a neurosurgeon in India.

5. Dr. Chandran Gnanamuthu

Dr. Gnanamuthu has more than four decades of neurosurgery experience handling several patients coming in with different problems. He is particularly skilled in dealing with strokes, neck and back pains, paralytic diseases and Parkinson’s disease. Currently working at the Fortis Memorial Hospital, Dr. Chandran is a choice selection when searching for a highly skilled neurosurgeon specialist.

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