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Top Six Best Private Primary Schools in Kira, Uganda

Best Private Primary Schools in Kira, Uganda

Kira town, in Uganda is cherished in the country and beyond as the amongst the well-endowed with private primary schools that provide excellent education. Amongst the high esteemed schools include;

1. Ebenezer Primary School

Ebenezer which is situated in the South-Western region of Uganda in the Kanungu district, right on the peripherals of the famous Bwindi Impenetrable Forest and close to Sanctuary Gorilla Forest Camp, is currently serving 124 pupils.

At the moment the school has a challenge of meeting the educational needs of a growing community, and establishing a new school, can be daunting for any community – and all the more challenging in one of the most remote corners of Uganda.

Built with a mix of used and donated building supplies, because it’s a new start-up, the school is not yet Government registered and receives no formal government support.

Sanctuary Retreats and our guests, are working to help the parents and teachers at the school build sufficient infrastructure to satisfy Government registration requirements, including: replacing the roof, building three new classrooms, building proper toilets, buying new furniture and text books, and helping to establish baseline salaries for the teachers.

The ultimate goal is to help our partners get their new school formally registered with the Ministry of Education, who will then pay teacher salaries and provide school support through formal Ministry channels. We are partners in the process or striving to improve children’s education and safety and continue to help improve the lives of our community partners. 

2. Green Hill Academy

As one of the best schools, Greenhill Academy welcomes applications from the parents of pupils who understand and support our mission. At Greenhill Academy, when considering applicants, we take into account both the suitability of our educational programme for the particular applicant and the availability of vacancies in the school.

School rules and regulations are established to ensure harmonious relations between the staff and pupils from different backgrounds, cultures and religions. All pupils must therefore have respect for the different cultures in the school and must fulfill school requirements before they can be accepted as members of the school.

Greenhill stands out with a historic focus on Academic Excellence. The children are given total confidence to stand out in society with unique proficiency by ensuring that each child expresses out by limiting numbers in classes to 45 students.

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The school follows the English curriculum and offers a wide range of learning subjects including; Literacy 1&2 for lower primary, Mathematics, English, Social Studies, Religious Studies, Physical Education, Swimming, French, Music, Video studies, Computer Studies, Art and Design.

Student evaluation at the beginning, mid and at the end of the term based on academic class work, social affairs, as well as national matters to enable our student browse an expanded piece of knowledge. The Computer studies classes, Art & Design lesion, swimming practice to mention are intended

3. Global Junior School

The school was established as a Pre –Primary and Primary, Day and Boarding School. It began in 2005 with a population of 150 children and with a team of 16 teachers. Currently, the school has grown to 1,800 pupils, teaching staff of 75 both young and men and women who blend in together.

The teachers are competent, well qualified committed and dedicated towards attaining the school aims and objectives. Based on the performance, the school vaunts of its outstanding performance in seven sittings in the primary leaving Examinations since it has managed to emerge among the best performing schools in Mukono and Uganda at large.

In the most recent results, it emerged the second best in Mukono second to Namagunga Primary school and best Private school too.
We have continued to excel and are committed towards nurturing a holistic child who will fit in today’s’ competitive world.In addition, the school has remarkable achievements as listed below;

  • The population has grown to over 1800 pupils.
  • Maintain an excellent performance in PLE for the past 9 years.
  • Maintaining a balance diet through producing relevant meals to our pupils and sticking to a daily menu throughout the 10 years existence.
  • Spiritual development of learners is well set up through recognizing different denominations in the school.
  • Promoting of talents through Music dance and drama.

4. Lohana Academy

Lohana was established in 1995 by Mr. Joseph Almeida to offer quality education. The school is well equipped with all the social amenities to cater to the comfort of students for their learning purpose.

Good behavior is a decree for every student in Lohana for effective learning to take place. The emphasis in the school is to praise positive conduct, attitude and effort and to increase children’s awareness of the need to make a significant contribution to their community. In relation to responsibility, everyone has a part to play right from the children, parents, teachers and support staff.

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Administrative support is a key resource for better performance in a school. At Lohana Academy, the administration is headed by the school Principal and supported by teachers and support stuff.

Within a school family, some rules are essential for the safety of children. Basing on this, the administration at Lohana Academy has rules that guide every individual in their respective capacities. When duty calls, every one’s contribution matters and is highly valued. Our teachers are qualified and provide the best quality of education and care at all times.

The emphasis in the school is to praise positive behavior, attitude and effort to increase children’s awareness, of the need to make a positive contribution to their community.

5. Kireka Junior School

Kireka Grammar is a Godly family school linked by a common philosophy, parenting, supporting and working together as a staff towards a common goal of proper nurturing of a child all better aspects of life.

The school is entangled, beginning with Kindergarten, Nursery and Primary, each level prepares pupils academically, socially, physically, spiritually and aesthetically. We provide education which makes pupils ready for the next level of education.

Parents are highly treasured for entrusting school with their children. Kireka Grammar aims at academic excellence and all-round education. This is achieved by equipping children of the nation with skills that will enable them be self-reliant and serve the nation.

6. Hill Preparatory School

Since its’ inauguration in January 1988, Hill School, has initiated integrated special education where disabled learners can study alongside their regular counterparts for mutual benefit and excellence. Hill preparatory school offers integrated special education where children with learning disabilities are educated together with their regular counterparts for common gain.

In order achieve its set goals, Hill Prep is dedicated to be the leading school in Uganda, excelling in integrated special education, combining academic life skills and extra co-curricular activities.

Generally, the schools outlined above are focused towards propelling its learners to highest scale of academic life. Feel free to be part of the learners in the first class schools.

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