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Best Travel Agencies in Kenya, Travel Deals and Packages

Best Travel Agencies in Kenya, Travel Deals and Packages

Traveling to Kenya is an experience many international tourists have on their bucket lists. Locals, as well, have a desire to explore their motherland in all her beauty and abundance. To ensure that you secure yourself a bountiful adventure and experience, you need to be in the hands of a specialist.

Someone who knows the area intricately and can bring you an experience like no other. In this article, we will be looking into the best travel agencies in Kenya for you to consider in your next adventure.

Bonfire Adventures and Events Limited

Bonfire Adventures and Events Ltd is a company committed to delivering experiences that will make all visitors want to make their next visit as soon as possible. Some packages and services offered are the Outbound Tours & Leisure Travel, honeymoons and romantic vacations, city tours, mountain hiking, safaris to Uganda, Dubai, and Tanzania, and visa application services.

Unique design packages, Worldwide travel insurance. The company’s offices are situated in Yala towers, Nairobi CBD.

African Wildcats Adventure Safari

True to its name, African Wildcats Adventure Safari has a thrilling experience in store for all its clients. The company brings together travelers and local tour guides and agents whose vast experience brings uniqueness into every safari. You will expect to visit some of the least reached and exciting places around the country.

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Bountiful Safaris Camping Safaris

Bountiful Safaris Camping Safaris is a travel agency that brings excellent deals and packages to local and international tourists. Clients can book hotel accommodation, enjoy seasonal holiday packages, go on flying safaris, and enjoy mountain climbing expeditions with Bountiful Safaris.

The Diwaka Tours and Travel Ltd

This is among the best travel agencies in Kenya given its exceptional service provision and delivery of experiences of a lifetime. Some of the activities and package contents one can expect from the Diwaka Tours include photo safaris, beach holidays, camping and trekking, bird watching, mountain climbing, and honeymoon deals. Additionally, you can expect some adrenaline-boosting activities such as balloon safaris and intricate romantic experiences in the heart of the country.

Wasini Dolphin Tour

For marine lovers, Wasini Dolphin Tour is the go-to travel agency. This company delivers exquisite experiences in Kenya’s marine regions. Some of the activities you can expect in their packages include fishing trips, dolphin tours, crocodile watching, snorkeling, heritage site excursions, and mangrove cruises.

The Lynra Tours and Travel Services Ltd

The Lynra Tours also makes it to the list of best travel holidays in Kenya. Tourists can enjoy beach holidays, camping, mountain climbing, and wildlife safaris courtesy of The Lynra Tours and Travel Services Ltd.

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