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Best Websites for International Scholarships in the World

Best Websites for International Scholarships in the World

With the rise in globalization of skills and technologies in the world, it has occurred to many people that they may need to further their education. However, with the economies constantly fluctuating, most people cannot fund their own education and may need scholarships.

However, finding legitimate sites that have information about scholarships is not easy. In this information age, it is important to know how to single out sites that have legitimate information from those that don’t. In this article, we will survey some of the websites with links to different kinds of scholarships.

1. Mandela Rhodes Foundation scholarships

The mandelarhodes.org website is best for students looking for postgraduate programs based in Africa and specifically in South Africa. The application timelines run between March and November annually.

Aside from just being a great program for international students, it not only focuses on students who are good at academia but also other skills like leadership, in the spirit of Mandela whom the scholarship is named after. Some of the universities that one may get into through the scholarship include University of Witwatersrand, University of Cape town and Stellenbosch university.

2. Chevening scholarships

The chevening.org website is great for scholarship applicants who are interested in attending postgraduate studies in the UK. The scholarships offered on these sites are fully funded and that makes them highly competitive. Some of the universities featured include prestigious ones like Oxford University, University of Birmingham, University of Manchester and University of Cambridge. The timelines for application are distributed throughout the year so applicants need to constantly check the site to be in the know.

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3. Grace Hopper Convention and Scholarships

The ghc.anitab.org site is also a really good site especially for women looking for funding and different kinds of scholarships. There are annual Scholarships for international students, especially women to attend conferences and get an education. In conjunction with anitab.org, they provide a wide range of opportunities to under tapped technologists to experience the international community.

Each year, women from different universities and institutions gather under a filly funded scholarship to commune and share ideas with bigwigs in the tech industries. Some of the companies in attendance include big names in the technology industry such as IBM, Google, Microsoft and so on. The site also provides information about different opportunities that women from underrepresented communities can engage in to further their knowledge and education

4. World bank Scholarships Program

The worldbank.org site offers scholarships to students and researchers who intend to further their education. The scholarship programs involved include the Join Japan/World Bank graduate Scholarships program and the Robert S McNamara fellowship programs. All these programs have been active since 1982 and open to students from all over the world.

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