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Captain Otoyo Biography, Age, Career, Wife, Children, Net Worth, Salary

Captain Otoyo Biography, Age, Career, Wife, Children, Net Worth, Salary
Captain Otoyo Sibuor (Born Kazungu Matano) Image: Instagram

Kazungu Matano, commonly known by his stage name ‘Captain Otoyo Sibuor is a Kenyan stand-up comedian, actor, radio presenter as well as an MC. He became a household name after he became part of the act that perform on Churchill Show together with his acting role in Papa Shirandula.

Captain Otoyo Age, Birthday, Place of Birth, Tribe, Nationality

He was born in Mombasa County, Kenya before the family moved to Nakuru after his dad got a work transfer. Captain Otoyo’s upbringing has been a difficult one. He hailed from a poor family and struggled to make ends meet. He at one time told his fans that his mother was an illicit brew seller and together with his siblings, their work was to keep the coast clear so that his mother together with the drinkers could not be arrested.

Otoyo Education Background

Despite coming from a poor background, Captain Otoyo never let this to be an excuse. He passed in school to an extent that the area chief went to their home to share the good news with him and congratulate him. Also, the community came together and contributed money for his school fees. He wore shoes for the first time on his first day in high school. More details about his university or college education are not yet in the public domain.

Captain Otoyo Career

He is widely known as a stand-up comedian who makes appearances in Churchill show. His style of comedy mainly revolves around current issues. Apart from doing comedy, he is also an actor by profession.

Otoyo played a role in a Kenyan show known as Papa Shirandula. He has worked before as a radio presenter at QFm. He at one time also worked as NTV’s offside co-host alongside Obinna, who is his fellow comedian. He previously worked as a radio host at Standard Group but was fired over gross misconduct.

Captain Otoyo Fired

His lowest moment in life was in July, 2018 when he was fired as a radio host at Radio Maisha by Standard Group due to what was termed as gross misconduct. In addition, he was said to have a frosty relationship with the head of radio at Standard Media Group.

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The radio station stated that the main reason Captain Otoyo was fired was because he was very unprofessional in the manner he handled himself. He always reported to work late and would sometimes show up to work under the influence of alcohol. Another source stated that his position became obsolete after Alex Mwakideu left the radio station for Milele Fm. Captain Otoyo had stayed at the radio station for only 4 months.

Captain Otoyo Jalang’o Friendship

Otoyo and Jalang’o have been friends for a very long time. This was way before both of them started hustling their way to the successful lives they have built. They were comedians at Churchill Show and they have never allowed anything to come between them.

Captain Otoyo Wife

The hilarious man was together with his woman, Mashirima Kapombe and they even had a son together. However, the two parted ways after Mashirima could not keep up with his promiscuous ways.

Captain Otoyo Baby Mama

In 2016, Captain Otoyo became the talk of town after a heavily pregnant girl exposed him for impregnating her and refused to take responsibility. According to the girl, Otoyo blocked her everywhere after she told him that she was carrying his child. The girl, who was later identified as Faith, stated that the 2 had been together for a while before Captain Otoyo showed her his true colors.

When Faith showed up at his gate, the gatemen refused to let him in. When Otoyo was called, he said that he does not know who that girl was. He then left with another girl by his side, yet the girlwas not Mashirima Kapombe, who Captain Otoyo was seeing at the time. Faith said she was ready to take a DNA test to prove that the child was actually Captain Otoyo’s.

Apart from Faith’s child, Captain Otoyo has 3 more children with 2 different women; 1 with Mashirima Kapombe and 2 with Liz Ngugi.

Captain Otoyo Children

It comes to no shock to us that Captain Otoyo has sired 3 children with 2 different women. I mean, there have been reports of him being unfaithful, plus birds of a feather flock together. This is in reference to his close allies Jalang’o and Alex Mwakideu, who have both had unending cases of infidelity, chewing different women left, right and centre.

Liz Ngugi is his first baby mama with whom he has 2 kids with. He also has a son with his ex-wife Mashirima Kapombe. Surprisingly, he is not together with any of the 2 baby mamas anymore.

Captain Otoyo Salary

He makes a good amount of money from all the radio hosting, emceeing, comedy and acting he does.

Captain Otoyo Net worth

The comedian is clearly a Jack of all trades. We are yet to know his current net worth but he is definitely worth millions of Kenya shillings.

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