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Dana Perino Biography, Net Worth, Personal Life, Career Journey

Dana Perino Biography, Net Worth, Personal Life, Career Journey

Women in the political arena of America have made very great and commendable strides especially when it comes to equality and creating opportunities for minority groups. They have also done a great job in documenting their experiences co others to read and learn from. One such woman is Dana Perino. She has gone over and beyond many people’s expectations and created a legacy worth living up to. In this article, we will explore the life and work of Dana Perini.

Dana Perino Age and Place of Birth

Dana Marie Perino was born in the great United states of America on May, 1972. She is currently 49 years old.

Dana Perino Early Life, Education and Career

There is so much to be said about someone with a great work experience and streak. She grew up in Wyoming and was brought up by very loving parents. Dana Marie comes from an Italian descent as her ancestors who moved into America were Italian immigrants. While that was an unprecedented beginning, she worked hard to get where she is today. Dana got a decent education back in America in the very remote cities. Her primary education created a great foundation upon which she began her journalism career.

She obtained a bachelor’s degree in mass communication. Her interests were quite varied but like most children with immigrant backgrounds, she was hell bent on changing the narratives. She did journalism and fund a way to also study political science and the intricacies of it. This background is what set precedence fro the great career that she has been able to have.

She did a couple of odd jobs before deciding to pursue a Master’s degree in Public affairs. Why this, she completely immersed herself in the world of politics and journalism. Thereafter, she served congressmen and transitioned to becoming a press secretary for different presidents including George Bush and Barrack Obama. 

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Dana Perino Personal Life

Dana Perino is married to one Peter McMahon. Their union was cemented back in 1998 and the have had no issues since then. They bitg lead very busy life. In her spare time, Dana Perino is an author. She has a number of books under her belt, most of them inspirational and best sellers. Her English husband has been supportive of her since her career began and that has been instrumental in her confidence and growth in the chaotic business that is America’s politics.

Dana Perino Net Worth and Assets

Dana Perino is a wealthy woman of her own making. She has made most of her income from her job in the Whitehouse. In addition, she has made considerable income from her books whch have really sold. Her net worth is at an estimated $6 million.

Real name Dana Marie Perino
Age 49 years old
Place of birth America
Marital status  Married
Net worth  $2 million


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