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Deidre Jenkins Biography, Net Worth, Education, Career, Personal Life

Deidre Jenkins Biography, Net Worth, Education, Career, Personal Life

Deidre Jenkins is a lady who shot into fame following her marriage to the world-famous James Brown whom the world has to thank for legendary hits such as It’s A Man’s World. The Godfather of Soul was a renowned artist, record maker, and a great musician. However, not many people know that he had been married to Deidre as his second wife.

Deidre Jenkins Age and Place of Birth

Details on her age and place of birth are unavailable to the public as she has managed to keep her life away from the public and not had interviews that interrogated her background. 

Deidre Jenkins Education Background

As with her background, efforts to retrieve her academic training or qualifications did not bear fruit.

Deidre Jenkins Personal Life

Deidre was James Brown’s second wife after the two exchanged their vows on 22nd October 1970. This was the beginning of a nine-year marriage that gave the couple two daughters named Yamma Noyola Brown Lumar and Deanna Brown Thomas. Her husband James had been married before Deidre and after her, married twice. It was said that the two went their separate ways because of domestic violence. They filed for a divorce in 1979 and finalized the process on 10th January 1981. 

James Brown made great music after he was released from prison in 1952 and to date is still hailed as one of the greatest there was. However, there were controversies to his name including rape and drug abuse accusations. In one instance, he had been hospitalized at Emory University Hospital where cocaine traces were found in his urine.

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He would, later on, pass away at the age of 73 of pneumonia in 2006. This was on 25th December, Christmas Day. James Brown’s memorial service was attended by thousands of world-over fans and influential musicians of his time. These included Michael Jackson, Prince, Stevie Wonder, and Bootsy Collins. 

Real Name Deidre Jenkins
Age N/A
Nationality  American
Education Level N/A
Place of Birth America
Birth Sign N/A
Year of Birth N/A
Religion  Christianity
Spouse  Ex- James Brown
Children  Yamma Noyola Brown Lumar and Deanna Brown Thomas
Profession/Career N/A


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