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Dennis Musyoka Biography – Age, Career, Wife, Family, Salary, Net Worth

Dennis Musyoka Biography – Age, Career, Wife, Family, Salary, Net Worth
Dennis Musyoka and Sheila Ndanu

Dennis Musyoka Biography

He is commonly known as William Hausa aka Boss William. He is a Kenyan celebrated actor in Maria Drama Series, which is a popular Kenyan TV show that airs on Citizen TV that has won the heart of many viewers. The show has actors such as Yasmin Said (Maria), Brian Ogana (Luwi) and Antony Ashioya (Tecno).

Boss William is so popular from the show because of the role he plays, one that he embodies so seamlessly. Boss William is regarded as the patron of the show, always striving to exude power, fairness and the ultimate dad character.

Boss William Age, Birthday, Place of Birth, Tribe, Nationality

Dennis Musyoka hails from the Akamba community of Kenya. Details about his age, birthday and place of birth are yet to put out to the public domain.

Boss William Maria

Boss William is the father of the home at the Hausa Family. He is a respectable, mature, loving powerful and fair husband, father as well as employer. He has earned his fame from the show thanks to him exuding the ultimate father figure character that most fathers should emulate.

In the show, he is the husband to Madam Vickie and a loving father to his two favorite girls; Maria and Vanessa. Vanessa is his biological daughter whereas Maria is his adopted daughter and he shows equal love to both of them.

He tries as much as possible to ensure that his son Luwi grows into a respectable who makes thoughtful decisions for himself and for those he cares about.

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Despite being a sweetheart to his daughters, Boss William is known for brushing shoulders more often than not with his wife Madam Vickie. This, however, does not take away from the fact that he is a good father to his children and a good wife to Vickie.

Despite him being pretty much laid back, he is quick to put the wrongdoers in their position. He does observe from a distance then does the necessary.

The main reason as to why Boss William is loved by many people is because he embodies the character of a real father figure in the society so beautifully. He has earned the respect of many for incorporating his fatherly nature wherever he goes and whatever he does on and off screen. Judging from that, you can tell that he is a very good person.

Boss William Other Shows

Many people probably know Dennis Musyoka for his role as Boss William in Maria. As a matter of fact, Dennis has actually appeared in other local shows. He actually landed a lead role on Mashtaka, which is a show that airs on Citizen TV. He has also been in Rafiki, Selina, Sense8 and Varshita.

Boss William Wife

In the show, Sheila Ndanu aka Madam Victoria aka Madam Vickie plays the role of Boss William’s wife. However, details about Boss William’s real-life wife are yet to be aired out to the public domain. He is, however, happily married to his wife and they have been blessed with a number of children.

Boss William Children

Dennis Musyoka has a daughter who recently got married to the love of her life in a beautiful wedding. Her father, Boss William, was in attendance and he was so happy for the union and for his new title as father-in-law.

Boss William Daughter Wedding

A while ago, Dennis Musyoka’s real life daughter tied the knot with the man of her dreams. He posted a photo of him dancing with the daughter during the wedding ceremony and he looked so happy for her and the husband to be. He took to Facebook and posted:

“My eldest daughter (in real life) got married on Saturday, February 22, giving me a new title; father-in-law. This is the father/daughter dance with my lovely girl,” he posted.

Boss William Dancing

When you see this man dancing, you will see no trace of old age in his moves, trust me. This was showcased during his biological daughter’s wedding ceremony. He pulled off his jacket, threw it to a bystander then got to put his best foot forward, amazing those in attendance with the diversity in his dance moves. Age is just a number, trust me.

Boss William Net worth and Salary

Details about Boss William’s current net worth are yet to be put out to the public. He however earns a good amount of money acting. Once we get a grasp of these, we will let you know.

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