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Dickinson Angie Biography, Age, Career, Family, Husband, Children

Dickinson Angie Biography, Age, Career, Family, Husband, Children
Angie Dickinson. IMAGE: Cbsnews.com

Angie Dickinson is a retired actress who was a mega performer throughout her career which span a period of fifty-five years doing more than fifty films. She has led a successful career and built a legacy around the same. This article looks at Angie Dickinson’s biography, looking at her career, her personal life and experiences she has had as a celebrated actress.

Dickinson Angie Age and Place of Birth

Angie is eighty-one years old having been born on the thirtieth of September in 1931. She was born in the state of North Dakota and spent her childhood years there. She grew up in a household of four girls and her love for film and the screen budded at a tender age since her father used to showcase films in a community hall for a very long time. Her parents, Fredericka and Leo H. Brown were originally from Germany and they raised their daughters in the Catholic faith.

Dickinson Angie Education Background

Her parents were keen on education and provided all the necessary support for her to make it through school and attend the highest possible levels in pursuit of knowledge. Angie attended Bellarmaine Jefferson for her high school education, then enrolled in Immaculate Heart College and finally completed her education at Glendale Community College

Dickinson Angie Career Journey

Her passion for film led her into pursuing it as a full-time career after she was spotted in a modeling contest. She did not look back and ran after her dreams of being on the screen. Among her most successful films include The Outside Man, Ocean’s 11 where she played the role of maestro Frank Sinatra’s wife, The Art of Love, Point Blank, Jessica, Police Woman which won her several awards, Big Bad Mama and Rio Bravo.

She won over the hearts of many fans over the years despite challenging films midway into her career that did not make as many sales as hoped. Angie Dickinson is the kind of actress that would pull out from a film she felt she was not doing well enough or was not entertaining enough for.

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Her career before retirement was nothing short of successful and she left with stamps to show for it. She won an Emmy Award, Saturn Award, Golden Globe Award, and to top it off a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame due to her outstanding performance in her films. Angie s celebrated by performers, old and young, since she could embody several characters and effectively bring them to the audience in what seemed an effortless manner.

Dickinson Angie Personal Life, Family, Husband, Wedding

Angie Dickinson married Gene Dickinson and retained his surname even after their divorce. She later married Bacharach Burt, with whom they shared a marriage of fifteen years although challenges in their marriage led to a separation between the two. Angie Dickinson had a child with Bacharach whom they named Nikki Lea. She was a fragile baby, born with visual impairment and was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome.

Caring for Nikki meant that her parents had to cut off numerous engagements such as declining acting roles to fend for Lea. Angie and Burt decided to send her to a psychiatric residential treatment facility where she stayed for nine years. She was later able to join college and pursue Geology at the California Lutheran University. At the age of forty in 2007, she committed suicide which her parents reported was due to the unbearable effects of the Asperger’s Syndrome.

Angie Dickinson’s love life was quite dynamic as she is reported to have dated different characters. She dated Larry King, Glenn Ford, Frank Sinatra, and an alleged affair with John F. Kennedy.

Dickinson Angie Net worth and Assets

Angie Dickinson made a fortune from her acting career that ran over five decades and is worth an estimated $70 million dollars.

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