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Durban Computer College (DCC) Student Login Portal, Courses Offered

Durban Computer College (DCC) Student Login Portal and Courses Offered

The Durban Computer College is a campus that offers computer training in South Africa. The institution was established in 1990 by the late Mr. Naidoo K.M. and has since been at the forefront of preparing the youth for real life work by emphasizing on Information Technology and Business training for the learners.

The institution has expanded to offer more career path trainings for students in Shirt Courses, Further Education and Higher Education. The institution under the leadership of present Chief Executive Officer, Mr. V Juglal has made strategic moves to ensure that the institution succeeds. These include partnerships with professional bodies and IT-based companies who get on board to support the school efforts towards producing qualified IT experts.

Courses Offered at Durban Computer College

The institution is computer and information technology focused. For students seeking expert training in an institution specifically built and run for this, the Durban Computer College is the place to go. In addition to tuition by well-trained experts, the facility is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and machinery to facilitate a rich learning experience for its students.

Diploma in Information Technology

This is the course provided by the DCC campus in Durban, South Africa and runs for three years and accessed on campus. The course is a highly relevant undertaking given that all industries and fields today are looking for IT professionals who can use the internet and emerging technologies to grow their businesses, increase their impact and make better decisions backed with verified facts.

DCC is an ideal institution to equip oneself with these skills for a number of reasons. One is that learners have the privilege of interacting with content that is consistently updated to reflect the needs of the market regarding IT professionals. Working with the input of entities like Microsoft, the Durban Computer College strives to provide relevant and employer-approved material for its learners.

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Durban Computer College Login Portal

The DCC has an online student portal that students can use to access a variety of campus functions and services online. The student portal is accessible for use by registered students to access details on their fee payments, news from the school authorities and results for examinations and assessments sat during the course of study.

The portal allows for students to register for the units they expect to sit for in each learning semester and thus secures them a spot for sitting examinations and other assessments. To log in to the student portal, students must use their registration numbers and unique passwords to get access to the portal.

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