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Top 10 Most Marketable Technical Courses in Kenya

A List of Top 10 most Marketable Technical Courses to Pursue
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Best Technical courses are now being offered in most colleges in Kenya. The technical courses are described as units of learning which yields skills, knowledge, and appreciation essential to the specific occupation for which the program was designed. Technical courses equip an individual with specialized skills and experience in a particular venture and allows them to be a commanding authority in the subject matter.

Technical courses are indispensable and very important to the society and to individuals as they are a launching pad to independence, better job opportunities and higher earnings. In Kenya, the president has many a time mentioned the immense opportunity technical courses provide and has made steps to make such education and training available to all such as provision of higher education loans.

In this article we look at the top 10 most marketable technical courses that will allow you craft your own business around the skill obtained and able to bag an employment opportunity.

1. Diploma in Agriculture, Irrigation and Drainage Engineering

This is one of the top 10 most marketable technical courses that will open up opportunities for the learner in a wide range of areas. This course equips one with skills in top notch engineering faculties that are put into use in agricultural practices, irrigation and drainage systems.

This is an indispensable part of our economy as we approach different phases in our experience on earth that will require us to be better stewards of our environment and the limited resources available to us.  The skills attained will allow one to craft a business around new and improved agricultural practices, irrigation practices and forms and new technologies in drainage systems that can be sold in the market.

2. Diploma in Motor Vehicle Systems

This technical course is one of the most popular and simultaneously one of the most marketable in Kenya offering learners skills in car engineering, heavy vehicle technology and vehicle servicing. It is a marketable venture given the intensive spending and investment by many people in motor vehicles as one of the primary means of travel. This is an assurance of the need to service these machines, improve them and maintain them.

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3. Diploma in Television And Film Production

This is another top option that one can consider for pursuance given the heavy investment in the entertainment and communication industries the world over. The learners get to learn how to produce television programs, shoot quality videos for online content, create award winning shows and generate a decent income over years of practice and experience. Many television stars and top-level producers have this technical course bagged in their portfolios as a key and important building block to their careers.

4. Diploma/Certificate in Welding and Fabrication.

Making the top 10 list is a Diploma or Certification in Welding and Fabrication. The course builds one’s skills in hands on skills applicable in several spheres including garages, construction and mechanics. The necessity of welding skills all over the world provides a stable job opportunity and an avenue to make some income. One only needs to take time in practicing the craft and employ smart moves in spotting business opportunities.

5. Radiologic Technology

Making the top 10 list is a course in Radiologic Technology that trains in the Science and carrying out of X-rays and CAT scans. Over the course of study, one is able to learn a lot about the workings of the varied machines and good practices in the field.

This prepares one for future job opportunities in the medical field and opens up doors to make further progressive steps in one’s career. It is an excellent choice as it offers one the chance to set up an individual business venture around the skills attained and in securing jobs.

6. Culinary Arts

Next in the list is a course in Culinary Arts that trains learners in cooking skills that are truly indispensable and can be expected to be in utilization for a long time to come. These skills are crafted around a wide range of choice including baking. One is able to craft their own businesses around this and set up catering services and even stand better chances at bagging chef employment opportunities in restaurants, hotels and even private homes. One can take on meal preps and program meal plans for body builders, and give complimentary meal programs for work out plans.

7. Diploma In Information Technology

The role of technology in our world is one that cannot be overemphasized. We live in a world that is imbued with technological needs and advances. A course in Information Technology is therefore a smart move that can be a sure way to open up avenues to make money and be relevant in the process of digitizing the spheres we find ourselves in.

This course provides skills that allow one to understand basic programming language such as HTML and Python, ability to build software – applications and programs that can solve problems in society and skills to use computer technology and systems to provide services from which one can earn some income.

8. Degree/Diploma in Computer Science

Kicking off the top 3 list is a course in Computer Science that allows students to attain some of the most relevant skills in the current world including Programming, Machine Learning, Data Structures and the Internet of Things (IoT). Computer Scientists are highly marketable in the world especially with a huge share of the aspects of life going digital.

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In the near future, the world will require of all of us to have a solid digital skill set and a course in Computer Science is a great step to take in preparation of the inevitable change that is fast overturning the world as we know it.

9. Certificate In Building And Construction

Second place is held by a certification in Building and Construction holding much promise to the learner given that the construction industry will be with us for a long while only taking different forms and evolving to a more sustainable state. This course equips the learner with the skills necessary to succeed in the construction industry beginning at humble stages.

Skills acquired are of a broad nature all in the building sector including Masonry, Project Management, skills management and training on the use of basic tools and software such as CAD that build a good building and construction professional.

10. Degree/Diploma in Software Engineering

The most marketable technical course in the country is Software Engineering. This involves the development of software and application of engineering principles to the design, development and improvement of software. The digital world has opened up a vast new platform for doing business and generally doing life.

As observed recently, we have needed varied software products and solutions to be able to do things such as hold virtual meetings, attend classes, play games, communicate globally and carry out business.

These are the defining times for the world and young professionals who will be making smart decisions by investing themselves in pursuing such a course.

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