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George Russell Biography, Net Worth, Personal Life, Career Journey

George Russell Biography, Net Worth, Personal Life, Career Journey

Speed is an exhilarating idea to some people when it comes to driving or even riding motorcycles. This was turned into a sport and many safari rallies have been held since the 1950s. This was a great adaptation and transition from horse racing which was an affair of the olden times. In this article, we will highlight the life and work of one racing driver, George Russell, who has been in the game since 2006.

George Russell Age and Place of Birth

George William Russell was born in February of 1998 in Norfolk, England. The British racing driver is currently 23years old.

George Russell Early Life, Education, and Career

George Russell had quite a dandy upbringing back in his hometown in England. He was born to two very supportive parents, who led a very simple lifestyle. Unlike most children around his age who identified other otherwise exhilarating but not near dangerous sporting activities, Russell decided to go for GP karting. He was closely following in the footsteps of his older brother who had also developed a liking for competitive karting.

Together, the two brothers spent most of their time on the tracks practicing and karting. They did not put their education aside. Russell’s parents made sure to complement the karting with the education. He complimented his education in Milton Keynes where he could be closer to his racing teams. His parents understood the value of letting Russell pursue his dreams and they did not slack on it.

His racing career began in 2006 and he worked hard such that in three years’ time, he scooped the esteemed title of British Open champion! He spent his consequent years karting and winning awards including the Kartmasters’ Grand Prix before retiring from karting in 2013. Before eventually making it to the formula one races, he competed in Formula 3, Renault 2.0, and GP3 series.

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His track record enabled him to move up the ranks and build his confidence for Formula one. When he was 19 years old, Russell became part of the Mercedes motorsport as a junior racing driver. He later signed into the Williams team. Since then, he has done a stand-in for Lewis Hamilton, a famous F1 champion.

George Russell Personal Life

There is not much known about George Russell and his personal life. He is best known for being a young and proactive racing driver who is determined to make it. Additionally, he is still in his early 20s so he still has a lot more time to define his career. He is currently single and not in a relationship

George Russell Net Worth and Assets

George derives his net worth from the work he does as a racing driver, it is at an estimated $1million

Real name George Russell Williams
Age 23 years old
Place of birth England
Marital status Single
Net worth  $1million


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