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High AdSense CPC Keywords in 2021, Google AdSense

High AdSense CPC Keywords in 2021, Google AdSense

Google AdSense is a program run and managed by Google whereby online content creators in the Google Network can host advertisements from Google relevant to the audience and site content. This is one of the key ways through which content creators make money online.

There are various marketing techniques online for earning a dollar and one such is through CPC (Cost-per-Click). How this works is that with each clicked ad on the site, the advertiser pays a certain amount for that particular ad derived by dividing the total cost of clicks by the total number of clicks. 

High AdSense CPC keywords thus push content ranking high and attract better earnings. Below are the top AdSense CPC keywords in 2021.

10. Credit

Credit ranks at position 10 with a $38 cost-per-click. Content on credit, therefore, does well online with advertisers in the credit field offering such a rewarding amount.

9. Degree

Degree is the next keyword with a CPC of $40. This goes in the fields of education and academia. School-related material highlighting degrees and such content attracts advertisers who could be putting out degree offers and so forth.

8. Conference Call

Next up, is the keyword – ‘conference call’. This attracts a $41.29 CPC for ads hosted on one’s website or platform. These are offered by advertisers in online meetings/conferences/webinars app development.

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7. Donate

Donate keyword attracts a CPC of $41.85 for ads hosted and successfully acted on by the audience. Content around charity, foundations, and organizations can make use of the keyword to attract the relevant advertisers.

6. Lawyer

At a CPC of $42.5, lawyer is the next keyword on the list of the top high AdSense CPC keywords of 2021. Legal content websites and blogs can curate meaningful content and attract ads that can them the 42.5 dollars for every click-through.

5. Loans

Loans come in next as a high AdSense keyword for 2021 paying a CPC of $43.7. Content on accessing loans, loan applications, and other relevant finance related topics can make use of these ads.

4. Attorney

Also on legal matters, attorney, is a high AdSense keyword of 2021 with a CPC of $46.6. Legal-content-based sites and blogs can channel their material to reflect the keyword and with the right audience can lock down such paying advertiser engagements.

3. Mortgage

Mortgage is the number 3 keyword on the list with a CPC of $47.2. High-quality content on real estate, homeownership, and so forth can attract these advertisers thus attaining a good amount of money from content publishing.

2. Gas/Electricity

The number two high AdSense keyword for 2021 is gas/electricity with a CPC of $52. High-quality content producers in the power or fuel field can achieve these figures.

1. Insurance

The leading AdSense keyword for 2021 is Insurance. The keyword offers a $58 CPC for sites that host content in the lines of INsurance.

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