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Top 10 High CPC Keywords in India 2021, Cost-per-Click Keywords

Top 10 High CPC Keywords in India 2021, Cost-per-Click Keywords

India is one of the countries whose CPC rate is still relatively low and has room for improvement when compared to nations such as the UAE and The United States of America. Regardless, the country has some positive feedback for online content creators who can reap some income from the country’s population. However, this calls for strategic content creation with a laser focus on an identified target group in India. This article looks into the top keywords that can pay well in India.

1. Lawyer

‘Lawyer’ is among the high CPC keywords for 2021 in India. Creating content on legal affairs suited for the Indian population and linking with ads from relevant marketers in India can earn websites some income. The keyword attracts approximately $97 CPC.

2. Donate

‘Donate’ comes next on the list with an estimated $92 CPC in India. The conversions in India are not as many as in other countries thus content creators can expect fewer clicks.

3. Online learning

This comes as the next keyword which is paying an estimated CPC of $81. Content that features online education and schooling-related content in India can do well by incorporating ads from relevant marketers.

4. Fuel

Fuels such as electricity and gas are also well-performing keywords that can earn website owners or creatives online an approximated $55 PC.

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5. Insurance

Insurance is another high CPC keyword in India albeit with its low clicks and subsequent low conversion rate. Insurance content covers aspects such as premium rates, advertising insurance companies, and policies, among other aspects such as comparisons between different firms in India. This content attracts advertisers in the field such as professionals offering consultancy services and insurance policy sellers.

6. Health

Health is another high CPC keyword in India highlighting the crucial need to focus on good health. Keeping abreast with developments in the health sector in India also promotes this keyword as it is among the best countries in the health sector. The keyword earns a CPC estimated at $51

7. Film

Film is also a high-ranking keyword in India that features content in the media and entertainment industry. Content creators who focus on Bollywood actors and actresses along with developments in this area can make a good income through the clicks available in India. The CPC is approximately $49

8. Finance

Finance is another high CPC keyword in India as well-curated content in the topic attracts a CPC rate of $45.

9. Advertising

Advertising and marketing also make the list of the high CPC keywords in the country as people seek information on online trends in advertising their businesses. 

10. Credit 

Credit is another keyword that attracts a high CPC in India approximated at $40 for content on credit, loans, and mortgages among other areas in this field.

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