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ClickBank Login, Affiliate Program, Sign Up and Create Account

How to Join ClickBank Affiliate Program, Signup/Create ClickBank Account

ClickBank is a performance marketing company that makes use of online platforms to promote and build brands. The company creates an open opportunity to all who can access the internet in the roles of either ClickBank Affiliates or ClickBank Vendors.

Affiliates promote existing brands of their preference while vendors introduce their brands and products to the market created by ClickBank. Additionally, the company is committed to allowing users sell, promote, shop and learn performance marketing. In order to be either an affiliate or vendor, one must first set up an account with the company.

Signing up for a ClickBank Account

1. Log on to the Clickbank Portal online at Clickbank.com

The home page you then land on contains an overview of what the company offers and options to either sign in or sign up.

2. On the top of the page, click the “sign up” button which then gives a sign up form to be filled

The information collected include names, telephone numbers and email addresses.

3. Proceed to the terms and conditions and read them carefully before accepting.

4. On acceptance, click on the “join ClickBank” button.

How to Set-up Profile on ClickBank

The next stage is to set up your profile in your newly created account. It is at this stage that information on address and tax ID are collected. You are prompted to enter details on the account’s payee address since payment is by mailed check.

The tax ID is important as the company is tax compliant charging a certain tax amount on affiliates who bag more than $600 USD. Save your profile update and then proceed to create a best-fitting account.

How to create ClickBank account, How to Register

On the home page, tap on the Accounts button on the left side of the page which will lead you to the Manage Account Nicknames and subsequently to the Create Account button. Here, you will find a drop down of account types to select from. There are five types to select from – vendor, affiliate, combination, custom and test accounts.

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Vendor accounts are for users who would like to sell various products listed and approved by the company. Affiliate accounts are for users who promote approved products and brands on the platform.

The combination accounts are for users who would like to use the platform to sell and promote products. Custom are for temporal users while test accounts are for trying out the platform.

How to add Payment Information on ClickBank

Once you have created the account of your choice add your preferred payment details under your account. In the event of a forgotten password, there is an option on the log in section to reset the password using the email address or phone number used in registering for the account.

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