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Soborno Isaac Bari Biography, Net Worth, Personal Life, Career, Family

Isaac Bari Soborno Net Worth, Personal Life, Career, Biography

Isaac Bari Soborno is of Bengali-American descent and has made waves over his outstanding brilliance. This article looks into the youngest professor in the world and addresses questions on his achievements so far, age, personal life, and career journey.

Soborno Isaac Bari Age and Place of Birth

Soborno was born in 2012 making him currently nine years old. He celebrates his birthday on 12th May. His parents noticed his difference and uniqueness very early on. A mesmerizing fact about him is that he was able to speak in full sentences when he was only half a year old. 

Soborno Isaac Bari Education Background

Given his high IQ, Bari is an exceptionally bright child. As a matter of fact, the youngster looks to secure a place in Havard University by next year. His long-term goal is to show the enthralling and exciting side of Science to his peers and be a multiple doctorate-degree-holder.

For a child who could solve complex Science problems at the age of two, there is only time to see what Isaac Bari will accomplish in a few years.

Isaac’s goals are certainly achievable since his achievements are globally recognized. He received personalized letters from the former head of state, Barack Obama, and from chancellors of Ivy League Institutions. 

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Soborno Isaac Career Journey

Bari is an author, a professor, and an instructor on YouTube. He teaches Physics in a subsidiary of the University of Mumbai where his understanding of concepts awes his learners, all of whom are older than he is.

Soborno wrote a book titled The Love talking about various fields that intrigue him such as quantum computing. Additionally, Bari is a Global Prodigy Award holder, an award he was presented by Nobel Laureate, Satyarth K. 

Isaac Bari’s YouTube channel features content on Math, Science, and more. The channel has 269,000 subscribers so far and over 48,000,000 views. 

Isaac Bari Soborno Personal Life

Isaac’s parents are of American and Bengali descent.

Isaac Bari Soborno Contact

YouTube – Bari’s Science Lab

Website- http://barisciencelab.tech/

Real Name Soborno Isaac Bari
Age 9 (As of 2021)
Nationality  Bengali-American
Tribe   N/A
Education Level N/A
Place of Birth America
Birth Sign Taurus
Year of Birth 2008
Religion  Unknown
Spouse  None
Children  None
Profession/Career Professor, YouTuber, Author
Net Worth $300,000


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