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Jackee Kasandy: Kenyan Entrepreneur Making a Fortune from Selling ‘Kiondos’ in Canada

Jackee Kasandy
Kasandy founder Jackee Kasandy PHOTO/Original

Jackee Kasandy is the founder of Kasandy, a fair trade store where customers can buy one of a kind handmade products made by artisans in Kenya and other parts of Africa.

Their products include bags, shoes, baskets, handmade jewellery, clothers and accessories and stationery among others.

Before establishing her business, Jackee had worked in corporate for over 18 years, helping brands launching major products in Canada.

Here is her story as told by EAFeed.

Jackee moved in Canada at 23 and settled in Vancouver.

When visiting Kenya, she would return to Canada carrying kiondos and scarves which appealed to many people she met, and they frequently complimented her.

People living in Vancouver were fascinated about the bags, so she decided to start a business selling them.

As such, Jackee established an internet store, Kasandy, as well as a physical store to start distributing the traditional baskets.

“People in Vancouver are receptive, they care about making a difference in the world and are interested in handmade products, and they are curious and excited about the stories of the people they buy from,” she said in an interview.

Through her store, Jackee sells African scarves, jewellery, wooden kitchenware among other items with the kiondo bags going for a maximum of Ksh 18,000.

Items selling on Kasandy.com PHOTO/Original

She works with artisans from Nairobi and other parts of Africa who make the items which he will then ship to Canada.

“I travel to meet and cultivate artisan groups directly. Quality is the most important thing: inspecting working conditions and making sure I as a business and the artisans I work with adhere to fair trade standards. I collaborate with creators on design, keeping an eye on current market trends, and the artisans charge me a fair price for the products produced,” she said.

Before venturing into entrepreneurship, she worked in corporate starting with wildlife and people conservation and later advertising and branding.

While working in branding and marketing, Jackee helped companies launch major products into the Canadian market including Loblaws Blue Menu Line.

Others are Joe Fresh style, Mcdonald’s Angus burger and Mac Mini and the BC Ferries Vacations brand.

“As I advanced through the corporate ladder, becoming ever more knowledgeable of business, I kept in the back of my mind a long time dream of becoming an entrepreneur, following in my mother and grandma’s footsteps,” Jackee shared.

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