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Jenine Wardally Biography, Net Worth, Personal Life, Career Journey

Jenine Wardally Biography, Net Worth, Personal Life, Career Journey

Basketball is a much celebrated sport in the united states of America. The black dominated sport has born and bred stars who have been well compensated and even grown to be coaches. However, not much is said about their companions or partners. There have been shows that highlight the lives of the celebrities wives but there are those who love to keep their lives under wraps. In this article, we will explore the life of one such wife, Jenine Wardally.

Jenine Wardally Age and Place of Birth

The Brooklyn native Jennie Wardally was born on February the 7th in 1975. She is currently 46 years old.

Jenine Wardally Early Life, Education and Career

There much to be said about this steady and celebrated woman, Jenine Wardally. The current Michigan wolverines first lady as she is popularly known had a very humble upbringing back in America where she was born and bred. She had 3 siblings growing up whom she cherished to date. Growing up in one of the most expensive cities in the world, New York, she learned very fast that she needed to be on top of her game all the time.

This she did effortlessly aside from her education and she slowly became a jack of all trades. It is believed that she not only completed her primary and high school education, but also transitioned to university. Because of the star’s attunement to privacy, some of these details are not out in the public.

Nevertheless, judging from all the things she does, it is evident that she is a well learned and accomplished woman. While many would like to label her as Juwans wife, she is definitely more than that; a singer, writer, founder of a non-profit organization and an entrepreneur. 

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Jenine Wardally Personal Life

Jenine Wardally is philanthropic as most celebrities come. She believes in finding solutions to problems that are not very well highlighted in mainstream media.  Following her experience that made her lose a brother to cancer, she started an organization called the juice foundation. The foundation aims at creating awareness about healthy preventative measures one could take to avoid cancer. It involves signing up to certain regimens and routines that ultimately ensure one is living a healthy lifestyle.

Through this foundation, she has been able to raise funds and create better living conditions for people living with cancer. That aside, she is also the author of two books and a mother of two who are also basketball players. She is the wife to Juwan Howard who is a famous basketball coach.

Jenine Wardally Net Worth and Assets

Jenine’s wealth is a result of the entrepreneurial work she does with her foundation, writing and singing. Her net worth is at an estimated $40 million.

Real name Jenine Wardally
Age 46 years old
Place of birth America 
Marital status Married
Net worth 40 million


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