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Jim Rohn Biography, Net Worth, Career Journey, Personal Life

Jim Rohn Biography, Net Worth, Career Journey, Personal Life

While the world wars were ongoing, most people resorted to getting into other careers that benefited the population at the time. These careers were mostly not white-collar. With that, children born at that time learned to be hardy and to think outside the box. One such child was Jim Rohn who grew up to be an entrepreneur and motivational speaker. In this article, we will feature his work and life till the time of his death in 2009.

Jim Rohn Age and Place of Birth

Emmanuel James Rohn was born in September of 1930 in Washington, America. He was 79 at the time of his death.

Jim Rohn Early Life and Education

Jim grew up in the countryside alongside his family back in Idaho. This is also where he got most of his education and learned a few things from his father’s work. They were farm owners and that is what put food on their table. After a few years of primary and high school education, Jim was finally ready to attend college. He did but then he didn’t graduate as he had other ambitions that were the point of his focus.

He went to work odd jobs at a store and occasionally attended talks. It is said that this is where he got most of his inspiration to become a motivational speaker. Because he needed to make ends meet, Jim worked at this job then-lawyer became a distributor for AbundaVita, a retail business.

Through working as a distributor, he learned the ropes of the business from his employers who were generous enough to share some nuggets of wisdom with him. His story was so inspirational that he was invited to the rotary club and other places to give motivation to different kinds of people. Speakers like Tony Robbins who is now very popular were some of his prodigies.

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Jim Rohn Personal Life

Jim Rohn maintained a very private life despite his popularity thanks to the motivational speeches. Nevertheless, he was married to one Ruth Rohn, and together, they have 2 children.

Jim Rohn Net Worth and Assets

Most of Jim Rohn’s riches stem from the work he did as an entrepreneur, author, and writer. He worked in different companies that compensated his labor generously. His net worth was at an estimated $500 million at the time of his demise.

Real Name Emmanuel James Rohn
Age 79 years old
Place of birth America
Marital status Married
Net worth $500million


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