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Ketika Sharma Bio – Age, Education, Family, Boyfriend and Net Worth

Ketika Sharma Bio – Age, Education, Family, Boyfriend and Net Worth
Ketika Sharma. Image: Instagram

Ketika Sharma Biography

She came into the limelight in 2016, famously for Dubmash videos that gained her a lot of clout and following on social media. Beautiful, vibrant, fairly tall (1.63 m), she was just the fresh breath Bollywood needed. The black-eyed girl has then taken step after step, rank after rank higher up the career ladder.

Ketika Sharma Birthday and Place of Birth

Ketika Sharma was born on the 24th of December,1995 in New Delhi which is the government capital city of India. She grew up in a robust urban environment, perhaps forming her character as we know today. The 25-year-old is an Indian by birth and is known to have only one Citizenship. Like most people in her country, she is Hindu.

Ketika Sharma Family

Ketika was born into a small urban family. She has only a brother and a sister. Her parents Mr. and Mrs. Sharma run a medical clinic in New Delhi. Though the names of her Family members are not readily available, her father is identified as Dr. Manoj Sharma

Ketika Sharma Education

Born into a middle-class urban family, it is only fair to deduce that Miss. Ketika Sharma had a nice, perhaps enviable education. She is a graduate from Miranda House college of New Delhi University.Before that she attended the prestigious La Martinere Girls College in Lucknow, India.

Her Rise to Fame

Ketika was in love with making Dubmash videos that are so popular in India. Little did she know it would get her stardom. After months of making viral dubmash videos, the real bombshell was released in 2016.

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She made a video titled “THUG LOVE” which did so well on the internet that it caught the eye of many prominent Bollywood producers and Executives. Meanwhile she amassed a lot of following on social media, with Instagram quoting her followers at 1.2 million.

Ketika Sharma Career and Profession

Ketika has been applauded as a versatile artiste with lots of creative energy and almost nonexistent camera shyness She is a leading dubmash video maker as well as a social media influencer. She is also a singer and actress; and made her Bollywood debut in the movie “romantic”. She is also a model and a respected judge in the India Inter colleges Fashion Show.

Ketika Sharma Boyfriend and Love Life

Is Miss Ketika Sharma in love? Maybe yes, maybe no! But one thing is for sure, and that she loves to keep the world guessing. She has on many interviews said she would very much like to keep that part of her love private, and that she is focused on establishing a career first.

Ketika Sharma Hobbies

As far as hobbies go, Miss Sharma has a long list but Singing, Travelling and Making Dubmash videos are her favorite ones. On many of her Instagram posts she shows her love for visiting new locations. And Like any other girl, she can never get enough of shopping.

Ketika Sharma Net Worth & House

Her net Worth is currently unverified. However, it is known that she lives in a luxurious Uptown New Delhi mansion befit for a famous Bollywood star. Her revenue streams come mostly from acting and modelling gigs, as well as social media royalties.

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