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Mary Miriti: Inspiring Story of Former Teacher Who Joined US Army at 48

Mary Miriti
Mary Miriti PHOTO/Dallas Morning News

Mary Miriti is a Kenyan living in the United States who gave up on her teaching career to join the military, becoming a major at 48 years old.

She studied Business Administration and Marketing at Daystar University, and relocated to the US after winning a green card.

While in the US, Miriti underwent training to become a minister and served as a chaplain for the United Methodist Church in Dallas,Texas.

Here is her story as told by EAFeed.

Miriti worked as a teacher while in Kenya before moving to the United States after winning a green card.

Following her arrival in the US, she enrolled at Perkins School of Theology for training as she wanted to become a minister.

Miriti successfully completed the program, and started working as a chaplain when she came across an opportunity to join the military.

In an interview, she mentioned that while looking to join the army, she was promised that she would be serving only twice a month.

Mary Miriti
Mary Miriti PHOTO/Oasis Church

Miriti was first commissioned in the US Army in 2011 as a second lieutenant and as a chaplain and was later promoted to captain in 2015.

In 2021, while deployed to Iran, she was promoted to a major.

Miriti’s work in the army includes preaching to and counselling officers going through tough periods, such as depression and trauma from the effects of the war.

She also founded the Oasis Global Mission Church in Dallas.

“I received my first appointment as an Associate Minister at a Caucasian Church and despite this I remained committed to my vision of establishing an immigrant church to help people assimilate into American culture,” she said.

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