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Miniminter Biography, Net Worth, Education, Career, Personal Life

Miniminter Biography, Net Worth, Education, Career, Personal Life

Miniminter is a famous YouTuber who is known for his gaming commentary videos and his membership to the Sidemen group that produces content together on YouTube. This article takes a closer look into his biography highlighting his background, career explorations, and personal life details. 

Miniminter Age and Place of Birth

He was born on 7th September 1992 in Hertfordshire, England, and named Simon Edward Minter. He has two older brothers named Johnny and Nick. Miniminter came about as a nickname for his small stature growing up.

Miniminter Education Background

He attended Berkhamsted School taking his GCSE examination in 2009 and did his A-Level examination in 2011. Failing to get the required results to get him into his preferred university, he took a one-year gap traveling to Africa where he taught locals in Ghana how to play football. After Africa, he also explored six American States before going back home to pursue Criminology at the University of Hull. After three months in university, he dropped out finding that he did not enjoy the voluminous work it came with.

Miniminter Career Journey

After leaving college, he worked on JJ’s clothing line, and on 17th February 2008, he leaped into the world of YouTube content creation. His videos are vlogs, FIFA video games, real-life football, Reddit videos, game shows, quizzes, package openings, Q&A sessions, and reaction videos. He consistently grew his channel and opened a second thus running Miniminter and Channel mm7games both of which have an aggregate of over 5,000,000 subscribers. On the channels, he has committed to posting three videos on a daily basis. 

He co-founded The Ultimate Sidemen which was later rebranded to The Sidemen on 19th October in 2013. The group of seven British friend gamers has built a commercial brand that has become the UK’s biggest YouTube group. The members are:

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Simon Minter

Josh Pradley

Tobi Brown

Olajide “JJ” Olatunji

Ethan Payne

Harry Lewis

Vikram Barn

Gaming together, the group has since 2018 set up four YouTube accounts that are raking in millions for the group. These channels are Sidemen Sunday, MoreSidemen, SidemenReacts, and SidemenShorts that was the latest addition made in March 2021.

Miniminter has also collaborated with other YouTube content creators on projects such as Nepenthes, Fangs, Spencer FC, and HurderOfBuffalo.

Miniminter Personal Life 

He is an avid football fan and has always been into video games. 

Miniminter Net Worth and Property

His YouTube presence has made him a wealthy young man who does what he loves to make money. He is valued at approximately $300,000.

Miniminter Contact

YouTube- @Miniminter and Channel mm7games

Real Name Simon Edward Minter
Age 29 (As of 2021)
Nationality  British
Education Level University (dropped out)
Place of Birth Hertfordshire, England
Birth Sign Virgo 
Year of Birth 1992 
Spouse  N/A
Children  N/A
Profession/Career YouTuber
Net Worth $300,000


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