Home People Mr Beast Biography, Net Worth, Real Name, Career, Education, Family

Mr Beast Biography, Net Worth, Real Name, Career, Education, Family

Mr Beast Biography, Net Worth, Real Name, Career, Education, Family

Jimmy Donaldson, better known as Mr. Beast is an American vlogger and YouTube content creator. The social media sensation has millions of followers and fans who are loyal to his channel and have built him an online booming business.

Mr Beast Age and Place of Birth

Jimmy was born in 1998 on 7th May in North Carolina.

Mr Beast Education Background

Jimmy is an alumnus of Greenville Christian Academy where he graduated in 2016. He later dropped out of college to pursue his interests as an online creator.

Mr Beast Career Journey

Mr. Beast brought a new face to YouTube creations with his unique and often novel concepts that he uses to build his following and keep his fans entertained. In 2012, he began his YouTube channel doing simple videos and shot to fame after he did a series he titled Worst Intros on YouTube. He gained traffic on his channel creating a fan base he could create for and eventually use to monetize his creation.

He then thought of new ways and ideas to keep people glued to his channel and started doing video-game themed videos that were extremely popular among game lovers. He went on to venture into money-related content such as videos of him donating money to random people online and in real life. He did this partnering with other entities that benefitted from marketing, a major one being Quidd.

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Mr. Beast has mastered the art of creating novel videos that are niche and difficult to recreate. These videos garner him the most views which translate to his bucks. The success of his original YouTube channel has led to him starting out other channels such as Beast Philanthropy, Beast Reacts, Mr. Beast Gaming and MrBeast Shorts. These have more specialized themes and content targeting some of his fans more directly.

Mr Beast Personal Life, Wife, Family, Children

Jimmy grew up under the care of his mother and with his only sibling, CJ Donaldson. He and Spidell Maddy are in a relationship that he shares about from time to time.

Mr Beast Net worth and Assets

Jimmy Donaldson is worth $16,000,000 earning $3M per month.

Real Name Jimmy Donaldson
Age 23 (As at 2021)
Nationality American
Place of Birth America
Career YouTuber, Vlogger
Fiancé   N/A
Net worth $16 Million


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