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Mulungushi University Programs, Application, Course Registration

Mulungushi University Programs, Application, Course Registration

University of Mulungushi situated in Zambia is a choice institution of higher learning centered from the busy city life and instead enjoys the outdoor and calm nature-filled space. Zambia has three public institutions of higher learning to cater to the students who graduate from high school. Mulungushi offers its learning services at three colleges: Kabwe Town Campus, the Great Road North Campus, and the Livingstone Medical School.

University Faculties

Students who have just completed high school studies or individuals looking to further their skills and knowledge have a bank of courses and programs to consider when applying to the university. The programs are offered in the following faculties:

  1. Agriculture and Natural Resources
  2. Short Courses
  3. Business Studies
  4. Education
  5. Social Science
  6. Medicine and Health Sciences
  7. Science, Engineering, and Technology
  8. Directorate of Research and Post-graduate Studies

Application Requirements and Procedure

In order to make an application to any of the career paths, there are documents that must be submitted for perusal and consideration for enrolment. Below are the required materials:

  1. Scanned certified copies of certificate or statement of results
  2. Scanned copy of either passport or National Registration Card (NRC)
  3. Scanned copy of deposit slip for application fees
  4. Scanned copy of sponsor’s letter confirming commitment to fee payment
  5. Scanned copy of proof of application fee payment 
  6. Scanned certified copies of past certificates

You then proceed to select the faculty you would like to apply to then proceed to the specific program. You will then have a list of items to fill out. The list entails the following: 

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  1. Student Information
  2. School Certificate Examination Results
  3. Education Background
  4. Sponsor Information
  5. Alternative Program Selecetion
  6. Submit your application

To increase their chances of success, students are asked to fill out all the necessary information, upload all the relevant and required documents in their correct states. Only applications that meet the requirements and are adequately filled are considered for placement in the university. 

Students e-portal

The students’ portal is a University resource for use by the students in accessing the information relevant and supportive to their courses and learning experience. This portal allows students to register for their courses which secures them a slot in the examination. Not only can students register for their courses, but also can access their learning timetables and examination dates. This helps with preparation strategies.

The portal is also important for giving students updated fee payment statuses. To log in, students use their username and a password set during account opening.

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