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Nadine Caridi Net Worth, Biography, Boyfriend, Family, Career Journey

Nadine Caridi Net Worth, Biography, Boyfriend, Family, Career Journey

Nadine Caridi is the Duchess of Bay Ridge who has achieved a lot of milestones in her life and has been known for a lot more. This article looks into her biography highlighting her background, career journey, personal life, and more details. 

Nadine Caridi Age and Place of Birth

She was born in the United States and grew up in New York City. This is where Nadine spent her formative years and attended school. 

Nadine Caridi Education Background

Nadine is an alumnus of the John Dewey High School where she got to explore her preferred interests to guide her campus years. She went into Clinical Psychology getting her graduate degree from the Pacifica Graduate Institute. 

Nadine Caridi Career Journey

Her career started out in the marketing sector where she was in advertising. Nadine Caridi started off as the face of Millet Lite beer appearing in big campaigns on a national scale. Moreover, modeling was another path she explored for some time. 

She then went into clinical psychology and explored the psychology space. Nadine is a practicing therapist who counsels couples and encourages therapy for everyone as a self-discovery path. 

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Nadine Caridi Personal Life

Caridi used to date Alan Wizling, a now entrepreneur before she met her first husband – Belfort Jordan. Belfort was initially married to Lombardo Deniso after which they divorced. He then married Nadine in 1991 getting into a marriage filled with varied experiences. Belfort purchased a yacht for Nadine naming after her. Their marriage also gave them two children Chandler and Carter. Sometime later, the authorities were now fully onto Belfort’s businesses subjecting them to scrutiny as they appeared suspicious.

Indeed, the authorities found some irregularities that had him arraigned in court and sentenced in 2003 for four years. Jordan Belfort was however released after a year and his personal problems took a different turn. He got into alcoholism and was accused of infidelity. This is what caused their divorce in 2005.

Nadine Caridi remarried after Belfort to Macaluso John, a millionaire businessman.

Real Names Catherine Merri ‘Katie’ Pavlich
Age 56 (As of 2021)
Nationality  American
Education Level PhD
Place of Birth USA
Birth Sign N/A
Year of Birth 1965
Religion  N/A
Spouse  Macaluso John
Children  Carter and Chandler
Profession/Career Therapist
Net Worth $5,000,000


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