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Rashid Abdalla Biography – Age, Career, Education, Children, Net Worth

Rashid Abdalla Biography - Age, Career, Education, Children, Net Worth

Rashid Abdalla Biography

Rashid Abdalla is a renowned Kenyan news anchor. He broadcasts Citizen TV’s 7:00pm Nipashe alongside his wife Lulu Hassan. During Saturdays, the two also features Bi. Mswafari on their special segment Mawaidha ya Bi Mswafari.

Abdalla is kind of a man who opens up on his personal matters. He opens up about his wife’s virtues one of them being marrying her when she was still a virgin.

Rashid Abdalla Age and Place of Birth

Rashid’s real age is not in the public domain. He was born in the coastal region of Kenya. Rashid grew up in a staunch Muslim doctrine.

Rashid Abdalla Wife and Children

Rashid is married to Lulu Hassan whom the they were paired together to broadcast after the exit of Kanze Dena from Royal Media Services. The two wedded in a private wedding whereby only close relatives and friends were invited. Rashid and Lulu brought forth three beautiful kids; two sons and a daughter.

The Citizen TV news anchor always appreciates Lulu Hassan for changing his life.

“Alinibadilisha maisha yangu, mimi nilikua mtukutu sana…mimi nilipenda sauti kabla ya kuona sura. Nikasikia sauti…ile sauti ilikata kama kisu kwenye moyo wangu…sikujua ni ya nani lakini nikamwambia yule jamaa aliyekua ananifanyia interview hii sauti, huyu msichana anaonekana ni mzuri..sauti ilienda sambamba na sura na tabia na kila kitu kwa hiyo sijutii,” Rashid opened up during on an interview with the Standard Digital.

Rashid Abdalla career

Rashid attended the interviews, won and joined Radio Salaam in 2006, where he met Lulu Hassan during the day of interview. Rashid later moved to QTV as a reporter and a news broadcaster. He moved to NTV where he served for quite some time. Rashid was popularly known for his news segment ‘swali moja’ that attracted many viewers to NTV.

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Back at Nation Media Group, Rashid had a morning and evening show on Qfm and a series of shows on QTV. Following the closure of the radio station after persistent loss making, many media personalities lost jobs. Rashid was among the lucky who secured jobs at NTV. He later joined the Royal Media Services (RMS), where he broadcasts with his wife Lulu till now.

Rashid Abdalla Dating Sheila Mwanyigha

Back in the year 2013, more controversies rented online that Sheila Mwanyigha and Rashid Abdalla were having a romantic affair. However, It reached a point where Sheila herself confessed on interviews about the matter.

Rashid Abdalla Net Worth and Salary

His estimated net worth as of the year 2021 is over Kshs. 100 Million. He gets most of his income from the profession and brand deals. His wife also earns handsome pays from Royal media Group. Rashid earns more that 350,000 each and every month for working at citizen television.

Real Name Rashid Abdalla
Nationality Kenyan
Place of Birth Coastal, Kenya
Age Unknown
Year of Birth Unknown
Tribe Muslim
Wife/Spouse Lulu Hassan
Profession TV Personality/News anchor
Net Worth Kshs. 100 Million (approx)
Parents Unknown
Education Mass Communication
Children 3 Children


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