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Rebecca Soteros Biography, Net Worth, Personal Life, Career Journey

Rebecca Soteros Biography, Net Worth, Personal Life, Career Journey

Fame comes in different forms and at different times for everyone. However, not everyone likes the limelight and attention that it comes with. One such person is Rebecca Soteros. She shared a life with the late fast and furious star Paul Walker. In this article, we will explore the life and work of Rebecca.

Rebecca Soteros Age and Place of Birth

Rebecca was born to both her parents in 1974. The California-bred girl is currently 47 years old. 

Rebecca Soteros Early Life, Education, and Career

Rebecca Soteros was quite the reserved child. She grew up in California and got a decent education. Not much else is known apart from that she was raised in a Christian home and that meant they had quite the standard when it came to religion. During that time, social media was not yet a thing so interactions were very personal and intimate. It was around this time that she met Paul Walker. It is worth noting that they met before his debut and the stardom that came with being the Fast and Furious actor. 

The two became quite fond of each other and began courtship in the early months of 1998. However, a disclaimer was that while Rebecca was committed to their relationship, Paul was still fooling around and he was pretty non-committal. This proved to be a problem when Rebecca got pregnant. Sensing Paul’s hesitation, Rebecca decided to raise her own daughter elsewhere as she pursued her teaching career.

Rebecca Soteros Personal Life

Rebecca has really fought to keep most of her life private despite her proximity to Paul Walker. She was adamant about being fully independent of any shady business that came with being popular. She did this successfully until the passing on of Paul Walker, her daughter Meadow’s dad. It was then that all the attention was shifted to her. There was a lot to be handled and the special focus was on child custody, specifically, who would take care of Meadow and her inheritance till she was of age. This spotlight led to a lot of speculation on her alcoholism which she denied vehemently. When this fog passed and all was settled, she continued to take care of her child till she was of age. She also continued to do her teaching job which earns her a lot of income. However, she had to move from Hawaii which was her refuge when things had gone sour between her and Walker.

Rebecca Soteros Net Worth and Assets

Not much is known about her wealth as she keeps most of her business under wraps. However, speculation has it that her net worth is at an estimated $15million.

Real Name Rebecca Soteros
Age 47 years old
Place of birth America
Marital status Single
Net worth 15million


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