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Rory John Gates Net Worth, Biography – Age, Education, Career, Girlfriend

Rory John Gates -Bio, Wiki, Age, Education, Career, Net Worth, Girlfriend
Bill Gates Son Rory John Gates. Image: Instagram

John Gates became a little famous at the tender age of ten. At that age he composed a poem titled “Diamante.” In his seven-line verse, he talked about the physics of the stars, light, and the black hole.  Perhaps it was just expressive, perhaps it was the first known attempt of him trying to assert himself out from his father’s enormous Shadow.

His father posted the poem online and praised his son’s creativity. What cannot be speculated however, are the details of Rory John’s life. His achievements, his likes, his physical traits and such.

Rory John Gates Age, Birthday, Place of Birth and Family

Rory John Gates was born on the 23rd of May,1999 to the famous couple Bill and Melinda Gates. He is their second born and currently 20 years Old. Just like his other siblings, he was born and raised in Seattle, Washington and thus of American Citizenship. Rory’s Family is famous, Bill and Melinda are his dad and mom. Then his two sisters are Jennifer Kathrine and Phoebe Adele.

Rory John Education Background

He has attended The Lakeside School, a prestigious college also attended by his father. Rory then proceeded to Duke University where he studied computer science and economics. He also graduated with an MBA degree from Fuqua School of Business.

Rory John Career Background

Rory is Still a student and cannot actively engage in any meaningful career so far. However, having studied computers and having an MBA, he is widely seen to succeed his father at the helm of Microsoft one day.

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 Rory John Personality

Rory was raised under strict parenting rules. For example, he was not allowed access a phone until the age of thirteen years old. Rory and his siblings were also allotted some house chores growing up to give them a sense of duty and responsibility.

He has done different educational tours to expose him to different cultures, histories and experiences. He has also been popularly known as being compassionate, curious a feminist.

Rory John Girlfriend

Rory chooses not to speak about his love life. Little is known in that regard. Most information that is in the public domain is about his education and works. It may also be possible that he is dating someone that he hasn’t disclosed to the public. After all his social media is mostly inactive, and he is known to be shy.

Rory John Gates Net worth

Currently, Rory John Gates net worth is estimated to be $25 million, which is quite a small share of his father’s $100 billion. His revenues are streamed from his allowances, inheritance and businesses run in his name.

Rory John House and Place of Residence

Rory resides in a mansion in Washington that’s worth $123 million. The mansion belongs to his parents. Also, Rory has an enviable car collection with a Lamborghini, Porsche Panamera, Rolls Royces and many more. Also, he is mostly spotted traveling in private jets and airplanes. Rory is Known to give a third of his allowances to charity.

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