Home People Tanzania Rosa Ree Biography, Career, Education, Boyfriend, Family and Net Worth

Rosa Ree Biography, Career, Education, Boyfriend, Family and Net Worth

Rosa Ree Biography, Career, Education, Boyfriend, Family and Net Worth

Rosa Ree Biography

From bold hair styles and a witty tongue as a rapper, Rosa Ree, popularly referred to as the Rap Goddess is a unique artist going against the odds stacked against her. As a female rapper, she has had to take the bull by the horns in charting her way in the unfortunately male dominated space.

She has become a role model to many other artists who look up to her. In this article, we will be looking at the biography of Rosa Ree – Rap Goddess.

Rosa Ree Age, Real Name and Place of Birth

Rosa was born in Moshi, Tanzania on the 21st of April in 1995. Her real name is Rosary Robert and the 25 year old is one of the youngest female artists making waves in the music industry in East Africa and beyond. She moved with her family while she was young to attend school in Kenya.

Rosa Ree Education Background

Rosa attended both primary and high school in Kenya following their move from Tanzania.

Rosa Ree Career Journey

Her career as a musician specializing in the Rap world began in 2015 after she was spotted by a producer who saw that she had the skill. The producer happened to be one of the leading Tanzanian music producers and artists – Nahreel who is a member of Navy Kenzo group that has done hit songs like ‘Kamatia Chini’. Nahreel owns The Industry music label that became Rosa Ree’s first signing.

Over her career in the past 5 years she has produced several songs and gotten to collaborate with some of the older artists in the scene like Khaligraph Jones and Timmy T Dat. Some of her songs include, ‘Sukuma Ndinga’, ‘One Time’, ‘Kipopo’ and ‘Asante Baba’.

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She currently works as an independent artist not signed to any label as she says she prefers working by herself on her own terms making the decisions independently.

Rosa Ree Personal Life, dating, boyfriend

Rosa has been rumored to be in a relationship with Timmy T Dat following their clear-for-all-to-see chemistry on set. The two have binned the claims saying that theirs is a purely work relationship and good friendship.

Rosa Ree Net worth and Assets

Rosa makes her income primarily from her music productions, performance and shows. Information on other sources of income and assets under her name remain unknown as at the time of this article’s publication.
Due to her influence among a huge number of people in the region, she has bagged contractual brand ambassadorship with brands like Castle Lite and Belaire earning her some extra income.

Rosa Ree Contacts

Instagram – @ rosa_ree

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