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Best Video Directors in Tanzania and Their Successful Projects

Best Video Directors in Tanzania and Their Successful Projects
Music Video Director Hanscana. IMAGE: Instagram

One of the things that make Tanzanian music one of the best in the world is the quality of the videos. Artists such as Diamond Platnumz are able to express their art and emotion through their videos. Today, we are going to find out the brains behind all these videos;

1. Kenny

Kenny David Sanga, famous as Director Kenny is a Tanzanian Music Video Director, cinematographer, and film director. He started his career in 2017 when he shot ‘Dede’ by Lavalava. He has since worked with artists such as Harmonize, Diamond Platnumz, Rayvanny, Vanessa Mdee, Mbosso, Roki, and Tanasha Dona.

The producer has won many awards, including the ‘Best music video’ for ‘Tetema’ music video by Rayvanny. This was at the 2019 All Africa Music Awards. Some of the songs he has worked on include; Jeje, Amaboko, Sukari, Baikoko, Kamata, Dede, Nishachoka, Yope remix, and Inama, to mention a few.

2. Eris Mzava

Eris Mzava is a Tanzanian photographer, video director, and cinematographer. He is singer Rayvanny’s personal videographer. Some of the songs he has worked on include; ‘Teamo’ by Rayvanny featuring Messias Maricoa and ‘Wanaweweseka’ by Rayvanny among others.

3. Hanscana

Hanscana is one of the most talented music producers in Tanzanian. Currently, he is working with the Wasafi Record Label. He is an award-winning director. In the 2022 Tanzania Music Awards, he was nominated for the ‘Best music video director of the year’ award for Diamond Platnumz’s song ‘Naanzaje’.

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He has also produced songs such as ‘Iyo’ by Diamond, ‘Inatosha’ by Lavalava, and ‘Kamseleko’ by Mbosso among others.

4. Director Nicklass

Nicko Mmbaga, famous as Director Nicklass is a Tanzanian Video director. He is the brains behind the famous song ‘Kaka Tuchati’ by Roma Mkatoliki and Stamina. Some of the other videos he has worked on include Zimbabwe, Kaa kijanja, Rimoti, and kaolewa.

5. Director Ivan

The talented director Ivan has worked with artists to produce hit songs with millions of likes on YoutTube. Some of these songs include ‘Ni Wewe’ by Killy featuring Harmonize, and ‘Utu’ by Alikiba to mention a few. He is also the director behind most of Jux’s music videos.

Some other top Tanzanian video directors include; Dorectors, Creator pro, Chris, Kamara, Travellah, Joozey, and Deo Abel.

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