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Safaricom Selfcare Portal Login, How to Register and Use Portal

Safaricom Selfcare is a platform run and managed by Safaricom to bring services closer to the customers in a centralized location. 

How to Register

To register for Safaricom Selfcare services, users have three options: individual, corporate, or non-Safaricom user registration. 

Access the Safaricom Selfcare website and navigate to the registration. For individual use such as viewing and tracking periodical usage of Safaricom services register under the individual section. 

For this, one’s Safaricom mobile number and a preferred username are required. Once input, proceed to read the terms and conditions of the platform and select agree if you do agree with them. Safaricom will send a one-time password via text message which you will use to activate your account.

How to Use the Portal

Once this is complete, you can use your selected username and password to login in the future to the portal. The portal has an array of services available to you. This increased efficiency for customer needs is among the reasons why several users enjoy the platform. These include:

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Monitor Your Devices

With the selfcare portal, you can manage devices that you have previously used to access your SIM card. This enables you to bar or unbar phones that you are not using and using respectively. You can then secure your movements on Safaricom.

M-Pesa Transactions Details

You can access detailed reports on the transaction costs you incur for various actions such as sending money and borrowing costs. These will give you a clear picture on how much you spend in specific transactions then plan accordingly.

Sim Swap

With Selfcare, you do not need to visit a provider or agent to have your sim swapped in case of misplacement. You can do this yourself on the portal.

Top Up History

You can also look at how much you have spent on airtime for as far back as you may need to check. Airtime is one of the biggest expenses that tracking can help with future planning.

Service Requests and Tracking

In case of an issue or query, you can post this on the platform and have access to assistance in real-time. You can additionally see how far the problem solving is.

Roaming Alerts Set Up

You can get alerts on roaming which guides your use of data. 

Manage Subscriptions

You can quit from promotional message subscriptions and other subscriptions you might have accidentally signed up for.

PUK Requests

In case you block your SIM card, you can retrieve your unlocking PUK number from the Selfcare portal. 


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