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How to Send Money Via M-Pesa to Uganda from Kenya

Send Money Via M-Pesa to Uganda from Kenya using mobile phone

Sending money to the Kenya’s neighboring nations such as Uganda, Tanzania and Rwanda have been made easy via M-Pesa, thanks to the courtesy of Safaricom. Whether one is sending money to a supplier in Kampala or paying for a lodge in Mbarara or booking for a bus at Nansana, cash transfers are now a breeze. Safaricom M-Pesa customers in Kenya can send cash directly to MTN Uganda Mobile users in an instant.

When you send money, it is received in the recipient’s country currency. Conversion rates are taken care by Safaricom and they are updated every midnight. Of course, you want to check with current exchange rates to ensure that you get the best deal.

When you send cash to anyone, it’s prudent to call them up or text them to confirm that they received the funds. You might have wrongly sent money to a different number. In addition, Safaricom will always send you a text confirming the status of the transactions.

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How to send from M-Pesa to MTN Uganda Subscriber

  • Dial *840#
  • Enter your preferred PIN
  • Select Send Money
  • Enter destination phone number in the international format e.g. 256xxxxxxxxxx
  • Enter amount and confirm

In addition, Safaricom has also outlined the is how much charges to send cash to MTN Uganda.

M-Pesa sending charging to MTN Uganda are as follows:

Transaction Bands Total (Ksh)
Min (Ksh) Max (Ksh) Sender charges
100 999 22
1,000 2,499 33
2,500 4,999 55
5,000 9,999 83
10,000 34,999 110
35,000 49,999 198
50,000 70,000 220

In conclusion, Safaricom services has been of high value globally in terms of the mobile cash transaction services. High appreciations to Safaricom as it continues disseminating its services to the nation and beyond. Let us recognize the parastatal as we relentlessly support its amenities.

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