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Stevie Nicks Biography, Age, Career, Husband, Family, Net Worth

Stevie Nicks Biography, Age, Career, Husband, Family, Net Worth

Stevie Nicks Biography

Rock and Roll is a culture celebrated and passed on generations for several decades. Artists have given their contribution shaping the direction that Rock has taken and the kind of evolution present therein. Stephanie Lynn Nicks, whose stage name is Stevie Nicks has earned herself the tag, “Queen of Rock”.

Her career is nothing short of mind-blowing and has opened up opportunities and new doors for women in Rock and Roll, which was dominated by the men. She has established her name permanently in the industry and her art will surely be celebrated several years to come.

Stevie Nicks Age and Place of Birth

Stevie hails from Arizona, born on twenty-sixth of May in 1948. She grew up in Arizona attending her formative years of school there.

Stevie Nicks Education Background

She is a graduate of San Jose State University.

Stevie Nicks Career Journey

Stevie Nick’s career kicked off in 1966 and fifty-four years later, still on the scene doing what she does best and loves immensely. She plays Rock with focus on vocals and guitar. She began songwriting at a young age and grew the skill over time. She initially worked with Buckingham Lindsey, whom she dated for a long time, and the two created some of the best Rock music ever.

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They worked on an album titled Fleetwood Mac which had great songs such as Rhiannon which rapper Eminem loved from a tender age, and Landslide, a symbolic song that expressed the downward trajectory the romantic relationship between Lindsey and Stevie was taking. They also worked on the Rumors and Tusk albums together despite a broken personal relationship between the two. Over her career, she worked with several record labels such as Warner Bros and Atlantic before she went into a solo career that let her play the songs she wanted to release unlike the limitations that came with working under record labels that had several artists.

Her career was ridden with challenges and she found herself taking odd jobs to make ends meet. These challenges made her turn to cocaine labeled a fun and recreational drug. She however got hooked and later on doctors would warn her that the same would end her life. She took steps to address the addiction such as signing herself into a rehabilitation center.

Stevie’s solo career was produced by the label, Modern Records, working with Fishkin Paul and Goldberg Danny. She released her debut album in 1981 titled Bella Donna, then The Wild Heart two years later and did more production over the years. She released some of the best selling albums ever and despite her battle with cocaine was able to do so much in her career. She spoke of having thought about the future generations and would not want to fall as Jimi Hendrix did still having so much to offer to the world. She cites her inspirations as Joplin James, Jimi Hendrix and Grace Slick. She released more albums – The Very Best of Stevie Nicks in 2007, In Your Dreams and 24 Carat Gold: Songs from the Vault. All her albums carried a deep poetic, and symbolic message in the lyrics endearing her to millions of fans. She has won numerous accolades and awards over her career notably a Grammy for Album of the Year in 1978, 7 more Grammys and induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame twice.

Apart from her music, Stevie is an actress and played in a television series titled American Horror Story.

Stevie Nicks Personal Life, Husband, Divorce

Stevie was married to Kim Anderson for three months after the death of his wife, a close friend of Stevie’s, so as to care for their young son. The two however divorced and she later dated Buckingham Lindsey, Joe Walsh and Don Henley.

She established a charity foundation named after Her Stevie Nicks’ Band of Soldiers to give back to the society with special focus on the needs of the militia at the forefront. She also journals on a daily basis, which she says is for the future generations to understand what her life was like after she was long gone. She did not sire any children of her own given the demanding life she leads as an artist and prefers to care for her nieces and nephews. Interestingly, Stevie Nicks is an ordained minister at Universal Life Church.

Stevie Nicks Net worth and Assets

Nick’s career has earned her an enormous amount of wealth and she is valued at over $75 million.

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